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The Next World Champion – Medal Chasers

Team Lloyd Irvin – America’s Jiu-Jitsu Team The Next World Champion – Episode 1 The team prepares for the No Gi Worlds, the 2013 season, the second ever white belt is invited into The Jungle, Chris loses his bed, training footage, Keenan Cornelius lifting to get to middle heavy and much more.

The Next World Champion (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reality Show) – Episode 2: “Here We Go Again”

In this thrilling episode the medal chasers prepare for the 2012 ibjjf No Gi World Championships in their quest to create a American Black Belt World Champion. They also have to deal with a hurricane and several other surprises. Lloyd Irvin has come out of retirement to compete with the rest of his team and has to go through some extreme measures to train with his busy schedule

Filmed By: Isaac Kesington & Jamal Hargrove
Edited By: Isaac Kesington
Executive Producer: Lloyd Irvin

The Next World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reality Show- Episode 2: “Here We Go Again”-

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Lloyd Irvin
The Next World Champion
Keenan Cornelius
DJ Jackson


Fera da Alliance ensina passagem de guarda acrobática na TATAME TV

A TATAME foi muito bem recebida pelo pelo professor Alexandre Puga, na filial da Alliance, no Rio de Janeiro e filmou um treino aberto com exclusividade. Atual campeão brasileiro sem quimono no peso leve, o faixa-marrom Rodrigo Akillis ensinou uma plástica e eficiente passagem de guarda. Confira no vídeo o movimento acrobático do campeão e bons treinos.


GREYSCALE 5 “Back to the Basics”

Take it back.

Featuring: August Johansen, Bobby Groves, Jabari Pendleton, Alex Fatemi, Alex Conn, Anthony Laniohan, Jesse Vieira, Ben Stockinger, Vince Duran, Oudalay Philavanh, Kenny Osborne, Billy Roper, Daniel Weinstein and Taylor Olson.

Video by Jonathon Rezonable

Milton Bastos – No-Gi guard pass

GRACIEMAG.com – Milton Bastos – No-Gi guard pass

Milton Bastos is a Paragon black belt under Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller. He is a light featherweight No-Gi World Champion and has been training since he was a kid!


Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Mini-Documentary – Jits Magazine

JitsTV presents another mini-documentary about one of the best BJJ competitors of all time, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza. Check out how the 2-time black belt absolute champion trains for both jiu-jitsu and MMA and he answers some questions about his past and future.

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