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The Next World Champion – Medal Chasers

Team Lloyd Irvin – America’s Jiu-Jitsu Team The Next World Champion – Episode 1 The team prepares for the No Gi Worlds, the 2013 season, the second ever white belt is invited into The Jungle, Chris loses his bed, training footage, Keenan Cornelius lifting to get to middle heavy and much more.

The Next World Champion (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reality Show) – Episode 2: “Here We Go Again”

In this thrilling episode the medal chasers prepare for the 2012 ibjjf No Gi World Championships in their quest to create a American Black Belt World Champion. They also have to deal with a hurricane and several other surprises. Lloyd Irvin has come out of retirement to compete with the rest of his team and has to go through some extreme measures to train with his busy schedule

Filmed By: Isaac Kesington & Jamal Hargrove
Edited By: Isaac Kesington
Executive Producer: Lloyd Irvin

The Next World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reality Show- Episode 2: “Here We Go Again”-

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Lloyd Irvin
The Next World Champion
Keenan Cornelius
DJ Jackson

Fera da Alliance ensina passagem de guarda acrobática na TATAME TV

A TATAME foi muito bem recebida pelo pelo professor Alexandre Puga, na filial da Alliance, no Rio de Janeiro e filmou um treino aberto com exclusividade. Atual campeão brasileiro sem quimono no peso leve, o faixa-marrom Rodrigo Akillis ensinou uma plástica e eficiente passagem de guarda. Confira no vídeo o movimento acrobático do campeão e bons treinos.


GREYSCALE 5 “Back to the Basics”

Take it back.

Featuring: August Johansen, Bobby Groves, Jabari Pendleton, Alex Fatemi, Alex Conn, Anthony Laniohan, Jesse Vieira, Ben Stockinger, Vince Duran, Oudalay Philavanh, Kenny Osborne, Billy Roper, Daniel Weinstein and Taylor Olson.

Video by Jonathon Rezonable

Milton Bastos – No-Gi guard pass

GRACIEMAG.com – Milton Bastos – No-Gi guard pass

Milton Bastos is a Paragon black belt under Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller. He is a light featherweight No-Gi World Champion and has been training since he was a kid!


Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Mini-Documentary – Jits Magazine

JitsTV presents another mini-documentary about one of the best BJJ competitors of all time, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza. Check out how the 2-time black belt absolute champion trains for both jiu-jitsu and MMA and he answers some questions about his past and future.

Brought to you by:
Reevo – www.ReevoMMA.com
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Chen Wenbin,coach of the Chinese weightlifting men’s team

Chinese wightlifting training hall
Training of Su Daijin,Lu Yong,Wu Meijing and Li Zheng

Xiaojun Lu 150Kg Snatch Slow Motion + Bar path

1/10 of original speed.

Training session before the 2011 world championships.

The 1. shown Snatch did happen after the 2. shown Snatch in reality (swapped in this video).

WTF flat ground tricks (1000 fps slow motion)

Uncommon skateboarding tricks in super slow motion. Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera. Since skateboarding trick names are defined by common usage and these tricks are not very common, some of them don’t have well-established names. So here are my best guesses as to what they should be called:
Kyle McPherson — nollie dolphin flip (AKA nollie forward flip)
Cameron Carmichael — backside 180 casper flip (?) (or bs 180 hospital flip)
Jerrod Skorupski — nollie heelflip bs body varial
David Case – nollie 360 shuv underflip (AKA nerd flip)
David Case – frontside shuv underflip (AKA kiwi flip)
Dustin Blauvelt – hardflip pretzel
Dustin Blauvelt – Merlin twist (switch front foot impossible fs 180)
Dustin Blauvelt – nollie heelflip indy grab
Shane Anderson – early grab frontside 180 fingerflip (?)
Jovan Pierson – pressure hardflip (?)
Jovan Pierson – ?? I don’t know what this is, I just call it a Jovan flip
Erick Schaefer – backside pop shuv underflip
Tim Hamp – Nollie pressure hardflip (?)

Na semana do UFC Rio, José Aldo treina para enfrentar Kenny Florian

Enquanto todas as atenções estiveram voltadas para a realização do UFC 134 no final do mês de agosto, o atual campeão peso pena do UFC e Pretorian Fighter José Aldo não teve descanso. Confira video de seu treinamento!

Street League 2012: Heats On Demand – Stop 3 Arizona Semifinals

Street League presents “Heats On Demand” from Stop 3 in Glendale Arizona. This Semifinals with Bastien Salabanzi, David Gonzalez, Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill, Mikey Taylor & Chaz Ortiz. For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street league DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com

Street League 2012: Best Of Bastien Salabanzi

Street League presents the 2012 Best Of Bastien Salabanzi. For more videos & information on the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com


Rolled Up Episode 13 – More dynamic jiu-jitsu with Leandro Vieira

In this episode of Rolled Up, Budo Jake heads down to Fight Zone USA – home of Leandro Vieira & Kevin Howell.

Leandro is the youngest brother of the famous Vieira brothers and is the only one living and teaching in the USA. Jake takes this opportunity to learn about Leandro’s background in the art, his philosophy of teaching, and more.

Note: Fightzone is now home of The Jiu Jitsu League, an Atos affiliated school.



Rolled Up Episode 15 and 16 – Caio Terra, part 1 and 2

Caio Terra the 135lb BJJ technician joins us for a 2 part video. In part 1, Caio discusses his training history then teaches Budo Jake how to pass the knee shield half guard. Next Caio teaches how to deal with the double underhooks guard and how to sweep and triangle your opponent.

n part 2 of this 2 part video Budo Jake has an intense roll with Caio where Caio tries to tap Jake out as many times as possible in 7 minutes. Next Caio shows Jake a half guard nogi pass. After that Jake asks Caio what the secret is to fighting against bigger guys and if it’s true that Caio eats nothing but candy for breakfast and dinner. Finally, Caio talks about his “111 Half Guard Techniques DVD set” and his innovative teaching style.

2002 European Weightlifting 94 Kg Snatch

2002 European Weightlifting 94 Kg Snatch

Inside the Inverted with Kristina Barlaan

Kristina Barlaan teaches an introductory lesson on the inverted guard for Pulling Guard Zine. Stay tuned for the next lesson! www.pullingguardzine.com

Second video in the series, Kristina Barlaan teaches a solo drill as another way to get comfortable with entering and staying in the inverted guard.

Kristina Barlaan teaches the 3rd drill/technique in the series of Inside the Inverted for Pulling Guard Zine. This time she teaches a triangle set up from the guard

See a great sweep from inverted guard with Kristina Barlaan of Nova Uniao. This is the 4th video in the series!

Here is the 5th video in the series! Kristina Barlaan demonstrates how to use the inverted guard to take the back.

Haven’t watched the previous videos? View the whole Inside the Inverted series by visiting http://www.pullingguardzine.com!

Here is the last installment in the series! Kristina Barlaan demonstrates how to pass the inverted guard using either the leg drag or leque (pronounced leh-kee and meaning “fan” in Portuguese) pass. Both passes depend on your opponent’s awareness and knowledge of the position.

Kristina Barlaan is a Nova Uniao purple belt under Gustavo Dantes. The best female purple belt of the 2012 season, she is a decorated athlete who also contributes whole-heartedly to the growth of women in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Get to know her more by going to:




Richard Lansky – Improving Athletic Performance and Power

Richard Lansky – Improving Athletic Performance and Power

2012 Euros Black Belt Feather Finals – Bruno Frazatto vs David Lemes

This was the final match in the Preta Adulto Masculino Pena Division of the IBJJF European Championship held in 2012 fought on January 29th in Lisbon, portugal. This was a 13 man bracket. Bruno Frazatto vs David Lemes (green and yellow belt)
(both represented Atos JJ)

Paleo Diet & Strength Training Biochemistry | Doug McGuff M.D. |

About : Doug McGuff, MD became interested in exercise at the age of 15 when he first read Arthur Jones’ Nautilus Training Bulletin No. 2. His interest in exercise and biology led him into a career in medicine. In 1989, he graduated from the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio and went on to train in Emergency Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at Little Rock where he served as Chief Resident. From there, Dr. McGuff served as Faculty in the Wright State University Emergency Medicine Residency and was a staff Emergency Physician at Wright-Patterson AFB Hospital.

Throughout his career Dr. McGuff maintained his interest in high intensity exercise. Doug realized a lifelong dream when he opened Ultimate Exercise in November, 1997. Over the past 13 years Dr. McGuff and his instructors have continued to explore the limits of exercise through their personal training clients at Ultimate Exercise.

In addition to his work at Ultimate Exercise, Dr. McGuff is a partner with Blue Ridge Emergency Physicians, P.A. Dr. McGuff Lives in Seneca, South Carolina with his wife of 25-years, and their Children Eric and Madeline.

Doug is the best selling co-author of Body by Science ( http://amzn.to/eBSQif) and The Body by Science Question and Answer Book (http://amzn.to/bUajU5 ).

Visit Doug’s blog at http://www.bodybyscience.net

See Doug’s second lecture at The 21 Convention here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j8qDwR56DA

Berimbolo Variations with Ary Farias PART 1 – Jits Magazine

World Champion phenom, Ary Farias, shows you some great variations from the infamous berimbolo position. Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 of 2.


Big Un (UnderBuild) 3rd Annual Calisthenics Tournament of 2010. This is a old video so a lot of the teams, and participants have changed overall, some have even disappeared. It was a remarkable event just thought we’d share it with the world.
Their was one round in each category. They are 3 categories. Push ups, Pull Ups. Dips. You are judged on creativity, originality, strength, endurance, but you must perform the basic of the exercise at least some point during your routine for example pull up portion must include regular pull ups, push up portion must include regular push ups. 4 Judges give you a score of 1 – 10 at the end all your points are added together then top 3 is picked. First place prize was 2000$ Second place prize was 1000$ Third place prize was 500$ It got to dark to film the push up portion so we weren’t able to provide it to you, sorry.

Linear Speed Training Drills – IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program

1 of 5

2 of 5

3 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

Five linear speed training exercises that professional athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Joey Votto, and many more have done and that you can do at home! Presented by the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program.

Dynamic Warmup – Footwork, Agility, and Acceleration Series – IMG Performance Institute

Performance Tips and Performance Drills – Footwork Drills, Agility Drills and Acceleration Drills by the IMG Performance Institute

Learn from IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development Coach, Trevor Anderson, how to increase your footwork, agility and acceleration on the playing field. This is a series of six videos of performance drills and performance tips designed to help you have better footwork, agility and acceleration.

Jumping & Bounding-Footwork

Line Drills

Linear Acceleration

Lateral Direction Change

Cone Drills

IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida is the premier performance training facility in the world with performance camps and a full-time residency program, the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE!


The warm-up is an activity that prepares the body to perform more demanding activities. In this case I am referring to the bodies of accomplished, highly proficient weightlifters who have mastered excellent technique and are not in need of any technical reinforcement. Many of them may have prior injuries that will require some additional warming-up of specific areas in the body, but that is an additional topic.

The function of the warm-up becomes increasing the temperature of the body. Keeping in mind that elevated temperature increases the speed of chemical reactions and decreases the viscosity of the tissues of the skeletomuscular system, the warm-up should be conducted in such a manner that it achieves the elevated temperature while minimizing caloric expenditure.

The warm-up should also minimize the stiffness and soreness in the joints that may be triggered by the previous training or trainings. In a well established training program, much of these problems will be taken care of by appropriate restorative measures after the previous workout.

Light calisthenics are also effective at increasing global circulation and generating a temperature increase. The amount of calisthenics should be regulated according to the individual.

Performing shadow lifts, lifts with broomsticks, and then empty bars and then proceeding to light weights is also an effective means of increasing global circulation.

In modern training programs this warm-up should not take much more than five minutes. In fact I’ve been in a number of world championship and Olympic Games training halls and watched with great interest as the top lifters on the planet began their training sessions. The very best lifters spent very little time in the warm-up. Some jumping jacks, some stretches with a broomstick, some lifts with an empty bar and then weight was added to the bar until the functional training threshold was reached.

The functional training threshold weight should be 80% of maximum of the classical snatch and clean and jerk. Studies have shown that 80% weights have the greatest effect at developing both strength and speed characteristics. Increasing the weight beyond 80% will have a greater influence on strength, while decreasing the weight will have a greater influence on speed. To achieve maximum explosiveness in performance, a variety of intensities above and below 80% must be employed in training.

The warm-up should be an activity that increases body temperature with the least amount of caloric expenditure in order that energy can be employed to beneficially train the body. Furthermore in order to include lighter intensities in the training program, the power snatch and power clean and jerk offer opportunities to increase the speed components of the training regimen.

By Bob Takano—Member, USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame

Cues for Weightlifting Coaches

Bob Takano goes over the finer points of cueing lifters in training and competition. 

Coaching cues are a form of communication that can be unique to a particular coach and the specific situation. They are in fact abbreviations of concepts that would take a great deal of time to explain.

They can and should be used in the early developmental period as technique is taught, and they can be of even greater value during competition when there is a need to quickly focus on a specific point of technique while the competition clock is winding down.

We’ve all seen coaches at local competitions calling out a variety of cues, certainly too many to be properly assimilated by the lifter on the platform. It might also be noted that the same assortment of cues is used for every lifter coached by a particular coach. It is altogether possible that they all are in need of the same cues because the coach is emphasizing the same points with all the lifters on the team. Another consideration, however, is that the coach is simply using the coach’s station as a means of attracting attention.

If a coach has performed coaching in the most effective manner, there will be almost no need for any action other than a very few cues—or none at all. I mention this because there were all too many coaches shouting out unnecessary cues at the recently concluded London Olympics simply because it was the Olympics and the cameras were rolling.

Read more: http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Cues_Takano_FINAL.pdf