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Mike York – Mouse (HQ)

Mike York – Mouse 1996 (HQ)


Instagram : @yorkatron


TATAME TV invade o último treino de Aldo para Kenny Florian

Campeão peso pena do UFC José Aldo irá fazer a segunda defesa de cinturão, contra o experiente Kenny Florian, no próximo sábado (8), no Texas, EUA. Um dia antes de embarcar para a América, na última sexta-feira (30), José Aldo fez o seu último treino no Brasil, para o UFC 136, e a TATAME TV presenciou tudo.

Rodolfo Vieira x Cláudio Calasans by X-COMBAT

PANAMERICANO DE JIU-JITSU ESPORTIVO 2010 by www.x-combat.com.br


Bruno Frazatto – Deep Half Guard Counter

Bruno Frazatto (Atos BJJ) shows how to take an opponent’s back when they have you in deep half guard.

Mendes Brothers BJJ Seminar

Produced by www.stuartcooperfilms.com BJJ Seminar with Rafael Mendes and Guilheres Mendes at Braulio Estima’s academy in Birmingham. The Mendes brothers talk about their approach to training, sparring and their preparation for ADCC 2011.

ProElite presents Da Spyder v Minowaman!


West Africa’s Traditional Fighters Grapple for Better Future

At practice behind a school in Dakar, Senegal.

Cobrinha teaches triangle and crucifix variations

www.rubenscharles.com presents Cobrinha demonstrating a series of variations on the triangle when the opponent hides his arm.

Cobrinha demonstrating a series of attacks from the sidemount transitioning to the crucifix position.

Countdown to UFC 141: Diaz v. Cerrone

Nate Diaz and Donald “Cowboy” are both great at two things – talking trash, and backing it up in the Octagon.

Georges St-Pierre “GSP” Training for UFC 129

Jose Aldo, Johnny Eduardo, Muay Thai

George St-Pierre’s training regimen


UFC: Submission of the Week: Alexander Gustafsson vs Cyrille Diabate

Alexander Gustafsson uses vicious Ground and Pound to set up a rear naked choke against Cyrille Diabate at UFC® 120.

King of the Road 2011 Webisode #5

The desert can have a strange effect on people. Dekline fights their way through Arizona weirdness, and Nick Merlino continues his mix of meltdowns and amazing skating.

Thrasher Magazine: Firing Line: Best of 2011

The trick choices and use of spots in a line say as much about a skater as their individual style. The best skaters in the world are now setting aside their footage for Firing Line. Just wait until next year!

The Ultimate Fighter Comes to Brazil


Climbing Triangle! Sean Roberts vs Luiz DeFranca

Men’s advanced absolute division action featuring Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie) vs Luiz DeFranca (WFT/Kimura).



FRCF Weekly Training Highlights – 12/24/11

It was a fun week of training.  Lots of PRs were set on the keystone workout of the week.



Wade Schalles, NCAA & freestyle champion, perfected this radically different pinning combination.. a cross between a leg split and a cradle.

2011 SOTY Party

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but some things can only truly be captured on video. Unless, of course, you were lucky enough to be there in real life…

Concussions in MMA – Inside MMA

In this insightful piece by Inside MMA correspondent Ron Kruck we see how MMA is tackling the issue of concussions in MMA “head on”. Ron also follows UFC welterweight Jorge Lopez into a trial study being done on the effects of concussions on MMA fighters

Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal, Cyborg, Mousasi, St Preux, Noons, Evangelista – Recap

The offical recap Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal including KJ Noons vs. Billy Evangelista, Gegard Mousassi vs. Ovince St. Preux, and Cris Cyborg vs. Hiroko Yamanaka.

Kelly Slater rolling, with Vitor as ref and BJ Penn as judge.

The “New York Times” published it, and ever-astute Brazilian reporter Renato de Alexandrino broke word about it in Brazil on the “O Globo” website.

A surfing world champion 11 times over, icon of the waves Kelly Slater drew comparisons between his sport to the martial art. Addressing who counts among his Twitter followers, Slater named UFC president Dana White, and discussed the similarities between the two sports.

“I didn’t used to like MMA, and now I love the sport. Truth is, surfing is like a martial art,” said Slater. “Good martial artists use the most efficient moves for getting the body to produce more energy. In surfing you have to master the same things – base, balance on your feet, the act of turning, bend and extend your legs. I love watching two guys fighting. It’s like human chess,” concluded Slater, who is known to train with Kron Gracie, Ricardo Arona, BJ Penn and Vitor Belfort.


Leandro Lo @ Copa Pódio

As you’ll see once you get your hands on issue 178 of GRACIEMAG, on its way to bookstores the world over, Leandro Lo was elected great Jiu-Jitsu revelation of 2011. As the season wound to a close, the São Paulo native made it clear the magazine is good luck for him, as he put on another stellar display, at Copa Pódia, where he faced Claudio Caloquinha (GB BH). Watch how it went.

Check out another of Leandro Lo’s matches from last Saturday, on his way to winning the Copa Pódio lightweight GP and the 5,000-Brazilian real prize that came with it. In the group stage, the São Paulo native outpointed Ed Ramos by 7 to 0. Check it out: