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Rubens Charles x Rafael Mendes: 2012 Mundials

Rubens Charles x Rafael Mendes, 2012 Mundials, Featherweight Final


MARCIO ANDRE vs DENILSON BISCHILIARI – 2012 – Worlds / Brasileiro

This is the Purple Belt Feather Final at WORLD 2012.

Brasileiro 2012 – Final Pena Faixa Roxa.

Weightlifting Men’s 105kg Group A – Final – London 2012 Olympic Games

Weightlifting Men’s 105kg Group A – Final – Gold: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (Ukraine) – Silver: Navab Nasirshelal (Iran) – Bronze: Bartlomiej Wojciech Bonk (Poland). Highlights from the ExCeL at the London 2012 Olympic Games. — 6 August 2012

Although men’s weightlifting has always been on the programme of the Olympic Games – except for at the 1900, 1908 and 1912 editions — women started to participate only at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

The Olympic weightlifting programme has evolved greatly over time. Today, weightlifters compete in snatch and clean and jerk, and are placed according to their total combined result. From the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, men have competed in eight weight categories and women in seven. This total of 15 events remains unchanged.

Find more about Weightlifting at www.olympic.org/weightlifting

2012 Russia Freestyle Wrestling Championship 96kg Akhmedov Shamil

2012 Russia Freestyle Wrestling Championship 96kg Akhmedov Shamil



World Kettlebell Lifting Championships 2012

Watch every single performance from The World Kettlebell Lifting Championships 2012

Men’s Freestyle – 74 kg – Gold Medal – Iran v United States – Full Replay – London 2012

Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 74 kg Gold Medal – Iran v United States Full Replay from the ExCeL – North Arena 2 at the London 2012 Olympic Games. – 10 August 2012

Street League 2012: Heats On Demand – Stop 3 Arizona Semifinals

Street League presents “Heats On Demand” from Stop 3 in Glendale Arizona. This Semifinals with Bastien Salabanzi, David Gonzalez, Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill, Mikey Taylor & Chaz Ortiz. For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street league DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com

Street League 2012: Best Of Bastien Salabanzi

Street League presents the 2012 Best Of Bastien Salabanzi. For more videos & information on the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com


Caio Terra vs Fabio Passos 2012 NoGi Worlds Final

aio Terra vs Fabio Passos 2012 NoGi Worlds Final on Nov 4th, 2012.

Rio Open 2012 – HIGHLIGHTS

Produção: www.BJJPix.com


Street League 2012: Championship Rookie Recap – Bastien Salabanzi

Street League presents the Rookie Recap from the 2012 Championship. Bastien Salabanzi was the only Street League Rookie to qualify for the Championship. Take a look into some behind the scenes preparation and also Bastien’s thoughts on the Championship and his first year in Street League. visit www.streetleague.com

Calisthenics Kingz: MOSCOW 2012 COMPETITION

This is some of the highlights from the amazing street workout competition held in Moscow. The experience was great, All the athletes did great, showed great sportsmanship to one another, it was an overall amazing event. I look forward to being involved in much more of these competitions.

Otavio Souza vs Leandro Lo

Copa Pódio de Jiu-Jitsu 2012
Luta 19 – Otavio Souza vs Leandro Lo
Ginásio Hebraica
Rio de Janiero
Dia: 21/07/2012

USA Weightlifting 2012 Youth Developmental Camp

USA Weightlifting 2012 Youth Developmental Camp

The CrossFit Games Update: June 6, 2012

Join Rory McKernan, Pat Sherwood and Miranda Oldroyd as they review their top ten events from the regionals and analyze worldwide regional rankings. Also watch interviews with Annie Sakamoto, Jason Khalipa, Neal Maddox and Gabe Subry as they prepare for the Games.

GSP Road to Recovery: May 23, 2012


GRACIEMAG: Marcus Almeida e o sonho realizado no Mundial 2012

O campeão mundial absoluto faixa-preta de 2012 analisa a decisão contra Leonardo Nogueira, relembra o final eletrizante e agradece aqueles que o ajudaram a chegar ao topo do mundo da arte suave menos de dois após ser graduado faixa-preta.

Atos Worlds Jiu Jitsu 2012 Preparation – Andre Galvao, Mendes Brothers, Kyra Gracie, Mike Fowler

The Budo crew made their way down to San Diego to visit the Atos headquarters. There we met with Andre Galvao, the Mendes Brothers, Mike Fowler and Kyra Gracie. We chatted with her a bit to ask her a few questions about here preparation for the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championships and her reason for choosing Atos for her camp

In part 2 of this series, we sit down with 2x World Jiu Jitsu Championship, Guilherme Mendes. Guillierme speaks of his training with Atos, his roll with the team and what is important to him in Jiu Jitsu.

Mike Fowler Worlds Jiu Jitsu 2012 Preparation – Atos – Part 3

The 2012 World Jiu Jitsu championships will be streaming live May 31st through June 3rd all day. Now with multi mat technology, all fights will be shown!

In part 4 in our series with Atos, we chat with the leader of this amazing team, Andre Galvao. Andre is not only a great competitor but an amazing coach, leader, husband and father. Featuring Angelica, Galvao, Mike Fowler and Rafael Mendes.

The 2012 World Jiu Jitsu championships will be streaming live May 31st through June 3rd all day. Now with multi mat technology, all fights will be shown!

Exclusively at

To purchase your all access pass, please visit


IBJJF TV – Episode 4: Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships 2012

IBJJF TV – Episode 4: Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships 2012
Featuring the Men’s and Women’s black belt finals!
Claudia Kvenbo vs Sofia Amarante
Beatriz Mesquita vs Fabia Borges
Vanessa Nascimento vs Luanna Alzuguir
Hannete Staak vs Valerie Worthington
Emily Wetzel vs Gabrielle Garcia
Gabrielle Garcia vs Luanna Garcia
Caio Terra vs Rafael Freitas
Guilherme Mendes vs Bruno Malfacine
Rafael Mendes vs Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles
Leandro Lo Nascimento vs Lucas Lepri
Victor Estima vs Claudio Calasans
Vitor Toledo vs Kayron Gracie
Yuri Simoes vs Lucas Leite
Bernardo Faria vs Antonio Carlos Jr.
Alexander Trans vs Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida
Marcus Almeida vs Antonio Carlos Jr.

Voice over by Caleb

IBJJF TV – Episode 5: New York International Open 2012

Episode 5 of IBJJF TV takes us to the City College in New York city for the 4th annual IBJJF New York International Open. Featured in this episode are Fabio Clemente, Marcelo Garcia, Francisco Iturralde, Otavio Sousa, Gregor, Igor and Rolles gracie and many more!

Regional Preview: Week 4, May 18-20, 2012

Week 4 of the CrossFit Games Regionals kick off May 11 in the North Central, Northern California and Australia Regions.

Tampa Pro 2012 Finals Live Broadcasst Replay

In just over an hour, some of the best skateboarding we get to see all year goes down during the Tampa Pro Finals. Here’s the entire Finals as seen on the live broadcast for replay.

Check for more coverage at http://skateparkoftampa.com/TampaPro

Results from the Finals are here:http://skateparkoftampa.com/spot/skresult.aspx?ID=776

The CrossFit Games Update: April 3, 2012

Join hosts Rory McKernan, Miranda Oldroyd and Pat Sherwood as they visit Diablo CrossFit in Pleasant Hill, Calif. McKernan interviews Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper.

Pan Jiu Jitsu 2012 Open Weight semi fianals Gracie x Buchecha Faria x Carlos Jr

Pan Jiu Jtisu 2012 Open Weight Semi Finals Kron Gracie vs Marcus Almeaida and Bernardo Faria vs Carlos Antonio Jr.

Awesome Semi final matches at the 2012 Pan Jiu Jitsu tournament.