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Thai Fight – Yodsanklai Fairtex vs Vladimir Konsky – October 23rd, 2013

Thai Fight – King of Muay Thai
October 23rd 2013


Rafael Mendes v Joao Miyao – ADCC China – 2013 – 66kg Semi-Final

66kg semi between Rafael Mendes and Joao Miyao at ADCC China 2013


What do I desire?




2012 CrossFit Games – Mastering the Bar Muscle-Up

Dusty Hyland of CrossFit Gymnastics gives instruction on how to master the bar muscle-up.

2012 CrossFit Games – Pendleton 1 and 2

Coverage of the first two events of the 2012 CrossFit Games from Camp Pendleton.

Jordan Burroughs vs Poeta

NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship match between Jordan Burroughs and Poeta.

Press to Handstand Progression Pt.1

In this series Coach Carl breaks down the Press to Handstand movement with a number of progressions to help you train and practice building strength, balance, and flexibility.&h=675

Olympic Coaching Tips: The Snatch in Slo Mo


Learn about Olympic weightlifting! Jim Schmitz, 3-time coach of the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team, teaches The Snatch. In slow motion at equivalent of 2400 frames per second. Demonstrators: Brian Wilhelm and Kari Shimomura.

Freestyle Wrestling – Japan vs. Indonesia – Nice arm drag

Freestyle wrestling match from Asian championship. Japanese wrestler vs. Indonesian wrestler. レスリング Gulat

Fairtex News

Kru Anh Fairtex Clinch Clinic Success!

Fairtex USA students kicked off their summer with a yummy bbq and a Clinch Clinic with Kru Anh Fairtex. Over 20 students attended in the 2 hour seminar. Many came away to a great deal of knowledge on one of the most important and complicated aspects of muay thai, the clinch. If you missed it, don’t miss it again! Kru Anh will be giving a sneak peak on his upcoming clinch seminar (July 21st) during BBQ&PUNCH 5 (June 30th) at Fairtex Newark.

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Crailtap’s Retro Clip of the Day. Yes We Canada

Mo and Malto’s first Girl trip (we even spelled Malto’s name wrong), Sherm pre Blastoff, and some Koston and Crankers ripping. This is one helped solidify the tour video straight to the Internet model that we’ve been running with every since. Make sure to watch it to the end for Mo and Malto’s intro to the team section. Circa ’06.


Establishing Cross Guard with Gustavo Dantas

The basic setup to the Cross Guard is from the closed guard position. There are other ways to get to it, but Gustavo’s going to show us how to do it from the closed guard position.

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Fedor Emelianenko is ready for his MMA fight with Pedro Rizzo June 21th, 2012

Fedor Emelianenko is ready for his MMA fight with Pedro Rizzo June 21th, 2012

Volcom Fiji Pro 2012

UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Pre Fight Presser Highlights

Headliners Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir discuss knockouts vs. submissions, using the UFC® heavyweight championship belt as a pillow, language barriers and more at the UFC® 146 pre-fight press conference.

Alistair: K-1: Training camp

Alistair enters the K-1 Tournament and starts it off with a training camp in Thailand.

Note: The career movie was called episode 6 on many sites. Since the career movie is a clip on the site that’s not a episode in the series, this is the official episode 6 !

Braulio, Andre,Renzo and Rodrigo: Nick Diaz and Braulio Estima Superfiight

Andre Galvao Interviews his future ADCC 2011 Super fight opponent and fellow Storm Kimonos Sponsor Braulio Estima Hours before his super fight against UFC Fighter Nick Diaz.

Braulio Estima, Renzo Gracie, Andre Galvao and Rodrigo Medeiros reflect on Nick Diaz’s no show at the world BJJ Expo.

Combi Warm-up

Got to Vans and Greyson Fletcher and Ben Raybourn were heating up the mini. Today’s bowl practice and tomorrow’s the contest. Be there!

Meet UFC Fighter Jorge Lopez – Preparing for UFC on FUEL FEAT. Wanderlei Silva


UFC and Wand Fight Team fighter Jorge Lopez is ready to face Amir Sadollah at UFC on FUEL May 15th.

Featuring Wanderlei Silva.

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TATAME TV: Final Brasileiro 2012: Leandro Lo x Michael Langhi

Atleta da equipe Cícero Costha, Leandro Lo conquistou o bicampeonato brasileiro de Jiu-Jitsu, pela segunda vez em cima de Michael Langhi. Confira no vídeo acima como foi essa disputada peleja na categoria Leve

GRACIEMAG: Rodolfo Viera vs. Andre Galvão (WPJJC 2012)

Watch the absolute black belt final at the WPJJC 2012, between Rodolfo Vieira and Andre Galvão / Assista à final do absoluto faixa-preta do WPJJC 2012, entre Rodolfo Vieira e Andre Galvão

Bellator CEO talks about Nova Uniao MMA team

Nova Uniao

Bjorn Rebney says Nova Uniao camp is “shocking” and “unbelievable” during Bellator 65 press conference. Eduardo Dantas and Marcos “Loro” Galvao won their fights in Atlantic City, EUA.

Nova Uniao

Finding and Developing Your Handstand Push-Up, Retooling Khalipa’s Handstand Push-up


Retooling Khalipa’s Handstand Push-up

Pan Ams 2012, Guillerme Mendes vs Henrique Rezende

Mendes Bros

Pan2012 BJJ. mens adult semi finals. Guillerme mendes (atos) vs henrique rezende (alliance)