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CrossFit – All Black in Bonsall: Owen Franks: Oly Lifts w/ Mike Burgener

New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Owen Franks works with Coach Mike Burgener to improve his olympic weightlifting.

After introducing New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Owen Franks to the Burgener Warm-Up, Mike Burgener takes him through high-hang snatches at Mike’s Gym in Bonsall, Calif.

Starting at the top and working down to the floor, Coach B has Franks work the high-hang position. Focusing the athlete, Burgener gives him a goal for the session: keeping his chest up and his weight back on his heels.

Working from the high hang allows Burgener to fine-tune the mechanics of the second and third pulls, as well as the bottom position. Franks is strong and powerful, and his pulls look good—his weakness is in the bottom. With the chink in the armor identified, Burg knows where to go next: overhead squats and snatch balances.


Jon North 156 kg Snatch, Bar Path.

John North 156 kg Snatch – Bar Path


Weightlifting Tips – Increasing Speed Under the Bar

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is how to increase your speed under the bar in both the snatch and the clean & jerk. The key to increasing speed under the bar is to make sure that you reach full extension and finish at the top of the pull, and develop the hip flexor reverse stretch reflex shortening cycle along with your arms to actively pull yourself under the bar. The two drills we like to use to develop this stretch reflex are to start the lift from the power position (position 1), and to pull from a static position off of the blocks, from just below the knee. These drills can also be used with both the snatch and clean & jerk.


CrossFit – Chad Vaughn, 285 pound Snatch

Chad’s best snatch is 330 pounds. He’s a two-time Olympian in weight lifting as well as a CrossFitter. Oh, and he held the American record in the Clean & Jerk at 418 pounds.

VF Workout 138 – Kettlebell Snatch 40kg / 88lb – Ivan Denisov

Ivan Denisov attempts his own 40kg /88lb Snatch Record


Xiaojun Lu 150Kg Snatch Slow Motion + Bar path

1/10 of original speed.

Training session before the 2011 world championships.

The 1. shown Snatch did happen after the 2. shown Snatch in reality (swapped in this video).

2002 European Weightlifting 94 Kg Snatch

2002 European Weightlifting 94 Kg Snatch

2003 European Weightlifting Men’s 69 Kg Snatch

2003 European Weightlifting Men’s 69 Kg Snatch

Lu Xiaojun – 170kg Snatch

Lu Xiaojun – 170kg Snatch

A few days prior to winning his second World title in Paris (2011), Lu Xiaojun (U77kg) does some fast snatch pulls on 170kg.

Steve Maxwell: Double Kettlebell Snatch w/ Karl Kristian Indreeide

Steve Maxwell: Double Kettlebell Snatch w/ Karl Kristian Indreeide

1988 +110 Kg Snatch


08 77 Kg Snatch

08 77 Kg Snatch

Dmitry Klokov 205 KG Snatch in Training

Hookless, Receiving Position Snatch

Hookless, Receiving Position Snatch

Snatch, How To, Olympic Weightlifting – Glenn Pendlay, Jon North, Donny Shankle, and Caleb Ward

The California Strength team demonstrates the first of three parts on how to learn Olympic Weightlifting snatch technique. Jon North, Donny Shankle, and Caleb Ward demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates.

The intro is Nikolay Hristov snatching 180kg. Nikolay trained with California Strength from 2006 to 2008 when Ivan Abadjiev was the coach of the team.

The California Strength Team demonstrates how to learn the Olympic Weightlifting Snatch. In this second of three parts, Jon North, Donny Shankle, and Caleb Ward demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates.

The intro is a clip of Donny Shankle hitting a lifetime personal record of 173.5 kg in the snatch.

The third and final instructional video on learning the snatch for Olympic Weightlifting, taught by the California Strength Team. Jon North, Donny Shankle, and Caleb Ward demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates.

The intro is a former California Strength Team member James Moser at the 2007 Junior World Championships.

Lifting Practice Highlights at California Strength

Team Cal Strength is back at it after a brief hiatus. Spencer Moorman, Rob Blackwell, and visiting lifter Erin Garcia hit the weights under head coach David Spitz. In this practice, each lifter was challenged to do 5 snatch lifts and 5 clean and jerk lifts at 90% of his or her max.

World Kettlebell Lifting Championships – Snatch – Kettlebell

At the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships, November 3rd and 4th, 2007, in Miami, Florida, the Men’s Professional Division competed in the Snatch using one 70lb. Kettlebell. Featured in this video is the Biathlon winner, Ivan Denisov, as well as Andrew Durniat, Ken Blackburn, Vasilis Ginko, and Roberts Innus.

Snatch, Clean and Jerk Off

Highlights from California Strength Olympic weightlifting team practicing off the blocks. Jon North hit a 180kg Clean and Jerk. Kevin Cornell lifted 175 and nearly made 182 Clean and Jerk. Rob Blackwell PR’d with a 152 Clean and Jerk. Spencer Moorman made a 161 Snatch even at a lower body weight.

Olympic Weightlifting Snatch Highlights from California Strength

Today’s video is a collection of lifts from the past month or so at California Strength in San Ramon. Tom Srokus puts up a PR snatch of 142 kilograms. Jon North lifts 156 kilograms off the low blocks. Also, don’t miss Kevin Cornell, Spencer Moorman, Rob Blackwell, Lindsay Taylor, and Donny Shankle.

Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Olympian and Master Coach Brian Derwin

Muscle Snatch

Muscle Snatch from the Ground

Snatch Issues at Bottom Position

Muscle Clean

Different Body Types

CrossFit MSP – Olympic Weightlifting Lifting Clinic with Olympian and Master Coach Brian Derwin

The Purpose:
With proper technique Olympic lifting helps build explosive power and teaches athletes how to accelerate or receive a load (be it an object or another person). The movements of Olympic lifts are common to many sports. Performing these movements efficiently through proper technique increases an athletes ability to improve both performance and avoid injury. The Clinic will cover demos, teaching progressions, and fault correction for the snatch, the clean, and the jerk. There will be plenty of hands on time, as well as, Q &A. The class size will be kept small to allow for plenty of personal attention. All instruction will be provided by Coach Brian Derwin, and Michael Pilhofer.

The Coaching Staff:

Brian Derwin – Head Coach

A member of the 1980 Olympic Weight Lifting team, National Champion, and USA Weightlifting President (1996-2000), has been lifting and coaching champions for over 35 years. He was a 100kg athlete, Snatching 155kg and Clean/Jerk 207.5kg. He tied the National Record and won the National Title in 1980. He started lifting in 1972, and finished competing in 1981. He lifted overseas for two years in countries such as East Germany, Soviet Union, New Zealand, Australia, and China. He has been coaching since 1984 and has coached several National, National Junior Champions, and other athletes to the World, and Jr. World level. Under Brian’s leadership as USAW President, the US had its first-ever junior world champion as well as bringing home the gold, and bronze medals in the Sydney Olympic games.

Michael Pilhofer – Assistant Coach / Program Director

Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit MSP, a premier Strength and Conditioning facility in the Twin Cities. Michael initially obtained his Olympic Weight Lifting training with Coach Mike Burgener and received his CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification in 2008. He since has been training with Coach Brian Derwin, and is a USAW Sports and Performance Coach. Overall, he has over 20+ year of teaching/coaching experience and has an amazing ability to break the most complex movements down to its simplest form to help any athletes improve on his/her lifts.

Jon North USAW Nationals snatch

2012 USAW Nationals at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.

The Amazing Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995

Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995