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Crossfit – Powerlifting Jumps

For improving jumping, explosiveness and overall athleticism, Westside Barbell’s Shane Sweatt likes training from the seated or kneeling positions.

During this CrossFit Powerlifting seminar at Integrated Fitness, a CrossFit box that does sport-specific training just outside Pittsburgh, Sweatt begins with seated box jumps. To properly execute the movement, the feet come up and are driven into the ground, the chest stays up, and the arms come back and forward.

“Arms are very important in jumping,” Sweatt notes.

Then it’s on to the kneeling jump, where the hips must fully extend before the legs come through.

“The farther you can extend your hips through, the more height that you’re gonna get on a kneeling jump,” Sweatt explains.

Next, he has the group practice kneeling long jumps, box jumps with a barbell, kneeling cleans, kneeling snatches and even a kneeling split snatch.

“It’s a way to get someone very athletic in movement—something fresh,” he says.


Terere BJJ Seminar

BJJ technique – the arm bar from knee on belly.

Choke from side mount

Triangle from side

by Terere

Vitor Belfort – We Are Lions

Vitor Belfort prepares for UFC 152 against Jon Jones at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center in Delray Beach, FL with the Blackzilians

David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate trailer

David has pure natural talent and he’s one of the biggest risk-takers in all of skating. The rumors surrounding his part are insane. Even we can’t believe some of what we’ve heard. It’s all revealed this Saturday (September 22nd) at 9pm.


Jon Jones: Moving up the Ranks

On August 9, 2008, no one knew much about Jon Jones. That was the day he graced the UFC Octagon for the first time against Andre Gusmao. Nicknamed “Bones”, Jones was a former junior college national wrestling champion who began fighting professionally to take care of his family.

Classics: Christian Hosoi “Speed Freaks”

Hosoi’s skating is tough to describe; it’s best to just watch and enjoy. David Gonzalez is a true fan of skateboarding, and here he introduces a 1989 classic.


Ricardo “Rico” Vieira Documentary PART 1 – A BJJ Lifestyle Special –

JitsTV is proud to present a two-part documentary on one of Checkmat’s founders, Ricardo Vieira, aka “Rico”. Ricardo is an important figure in BJJ that has accomplished so much in both his competition and as a teacher. This special documentary outlines his busy daily life and his philosophies on life.

Part 1 of 2.

First song of the video is by Aline Moraes.

Part 2 of 2.

Fernando Vieira Instructional PART 1 – Passing the ‘shin-on-shin’

World champion and World Pro champion, Fernando Vieira, shows how to pass one of the more complicated and annoying guards, the shin-on-shin.

Part 1 of 3.

Part 2 of 3.



Street League 2012: Championship Rookie Recap – Bastien Salabanzi

Street League presents the Rookie Recap from the 2012 Championship. Bastien Salabanzi was the only Street League Rookie to qualify for the Championship. Take a look into some behind the scenes preparation and also Bastien’s thoughts on the Championship and his first year in Street League. visit www.streetleague.com

Steve Maxwell: Double Kettlebell Snatch w/ Karl Kristian Indreeide

Steve Maxwell: Double Kettlebell Snatch w/ Karl Kristian Indreeide

Vídeo Jiu-Jitsu: Osiris Maia ensina estrangulamento pelas costas


Talkin’ Mob with Daewon Song

Daewon Song talks about his love for Mob and backs it up with some serious mini ramp shreddage in this “Talkin’ Mob for Mob Grip. No bubs, no troub’s. Woo woo!

Hip Cleaning 101

Rob Blackwell and Spencer Moorman answer some of the frequent questions we get regarding the hip cleaning technique that they use, including why they use the hip clean, what the proper technique is, and what the deal is with the arm bend. They also demonstrate the difference between a hip clean and a regular clean, as well as the proper vs improper way to do a hip clean.

Street League 2012: Championship Chevy Overdrive

Street League presents the Chevy Overdrive from the 2012 Championship. All of the pros went extra hard in NJ so this one was tough to call but in the end it was Shane O’neill who took home the $10,000. Shane actually fractured his foot and heel during the Overdrive but not before stomping out a Switch Kick Flip Backside Tail Slide Shove It, a huge Nollie Bigger Spin and a Big Spin Backside Lip Slide. Also noteworthy was guest pro for NJ Overdrive, hometown legend Fred Gall, who came out and ripped with all the Street League pros.

visit www.streetleague.com


Street League 2012: Championship Monster Energy Best Tricks

Street League presents the 2012 Championship edition of the Monster Energy Best Trick Award. In the Run Section it was Nyjah Huston who scored a 8.7, in the Big Section Ryan Sheckler scored the highest trick with a Fakie Frontside Flip off the bump for a 8.9. Scoring the best trick of the day was Paul Rodriguez in the Best Trick Section with a first try Nollie Crooked Grind Nollie Front Foot Flip out for a 9.6 which got him the Monster Energy Best Trick Award and $10,000.

visit www.streetleague.com

Knee slice pass by Rafael Mendes

6 x World Champion Rafael Mendes teaching the knee slice pass from half guard at his Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa, CA. Visit www.mendesbros.com

Marcelo Garcia at Chelsea Piers


The Need for Speed

The Cal Strength Olympic Lifting Team is feeling the need for speed! The Monday workout regimen is designed to work on their technique and speed transitioning under the bar. The team opens the practice with some work on the high boards. Starting from position 1 eliminates the pull, forcing them to transition under the bar and get into the receiving position faster. Hanging their toes off the boards forces them to stay on their heels throughout the lift. Next, the team works on cleans off the blocks, and finishes it up with 3 front squats and a jerk.

Braulio Estima – Triangle Magic – BJJ Weekly Issue #116

In Braulio’s last week he does not disappoint. Braulio has been following a sequence for the past few weeks based off a sweep. This week he combines the sweep, triangle and hip bump sweep all into one. This series is very high percentage and once mastered it will become a deadly part of your arsenal.


Calisthenics Kingz: MOSCOW 2012 COMPETITION

This is some of the highlights from the amazing street workout competition held in Moscow. The experience was great, All the athletes did great, showed great sportsmanship to one another, it was an overall amazing event. I look forward to being involved in much more of these competitions.

(OneSongchai)Samart Payakaroon Vs Panomtuanlek Hapalang


1988 +110 Kg Snatch