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Archive for 11/06/2012

The Cal Strength Team at the Golden West Open

With one last local meet left to qualify for the American Open, the Cal Strength Team took a road trip up to Redding, CA for the Don Wilson Golden West Open. The team performed very well, setting several new competition PRs and PWA records. Nate Omen and Casey Hutnick qualified for the American Open, and Scott Hisaka was able to qualify for the A session. Ian Anderson made a PWA school-age record 140kg attempt that also would have qualified him for the American Open, and would’ve been a PR for him, but he barely missed the lift at the last second. Andrew Jester’s two competition PRs made him the #1 ranked school-age 56kg lifter in the country. Nicole Lim smashed all three of her previous PWA records. Rob Blackwell’s 298kg total was the highest total by any weightlifter in any weight class at the entire meet, and his 166kg clean & jerk attempt would’ve been a PR and given him new PWA records for clean & jerk and total.

Andrew – 67/88 1st 56kg
Nate – 110/137 1st 77kg, 1st in session by Sinclair
Ian – 107/140xxx
Casey – 55/77
Nicole – 58/75 1st 48kg, 3rd in session by Sinclair
Scott – 130/152 2nd 85kg, 2nd in session by Sinclair
Rob – 136/162 1st 85kg, 1st in session by Sinclair
Charles – 105-130, 2nd in session by Sinclair


Caio Terra vs Fabio Passos 2012 NoGi Worlds Final

aio Terra vs Fabio Passos 2012 NoGi Worlds Final on Nov 4th, 2012.