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Olympic Coaching Tips: Clean and Jerk in Slo Mo


USA Weightlifting: Olympic Coaching Tips: Clean and Jerk in Slo Mo

Olympic Weightlifting – “Front Foot Position” with Coach Burgener

“Front Foot Position” with Coach Burgener


Monday Training at the Olympic Training center.

A mix of morning and afternoon training sessions from Monday August 15th, 2011


Donny Shankle Going BIG!!!

Donny Shankle Cleans 215 kilos from blocks and also Jerks 215 kilos from blocks in preparation for the 2011 Pan Am Games and Senior World Championships.


It’s About the Girls

Showcase of some of the talent of the girls of the OTC


UFC 163: O retorno de Thales Leites

Thales Leites ficou de fora do centro das atençoes, mas acumulou seis vitórias — quatro finalizações — desde que deixou o Octógono. Agora, o atleta brasileiro retorna para encarar o britânico for a Tom “Kong” Watson em luta peso médio do UFC 163.

Assista o UFC 163 ao vivo no canal Combate ou na arena HSBC, adquira seu ingressos http://on.ufc.com/14XR2CH


Street League 2013 Portland Finals – TransWorld SKATEboarding

It was another nailbiting final at Street League in Portland, Oregon yesterday. To everyone’s surprise, Nyjah got eliminated early on in the Flow Section. In the final Impact Section, it was a throwdown between Chris Cole, Ishod Wair, Luan Oliveira, and Paul Rodriguez. Amid the chaos, Shane O’Neill got a 9.9 with an insane switch 360 double flip, but he already had too many bails to be a contender. In the end, Paul’s frontside bigspin heelflip was the trick that put him in first. Cole and Ishod both needed big scores to unseat Paul, and both went for backside 360 ollie kickflips, but both bailed. This is Paul’s second career Street League win, and his first this season. Two more SLS stops left!


Klokov Dmitry – weightlifting beginning – 1996

Dmitry Klokov – weightlifting beginning 1996 – PART 1


Olympic Weightlifting – Loading The Hamstrings with Coach Burgener

CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting – Loading The Hamstrings with Coach Burgener

Aprenda a pegar as costas da meia-guarda com Yan Cabral

Aprenda a pegar as costas da meia-guarda com Yan Cabral

Learn how to get the back from half-guard with Yan Cabral


Getting “Stronger” at the OTC

Lifting at the OTC isn’t always about technique- much of it revolves around getting stronger. In this video, some PRs in back squat and front squat are shown as well as some unusual lifts that are unique to Zygmunt’s coaching.


Keenan Cornelius Highlight at Grapplers Quest

Keenan Cornelius Highlight at Grapplers Quest


Klokov Dmitry – push 130 kg (9.07.2013)



Classics: Gino Iannucci “Yeah Right!”

It’s tough to describe exactly what he does differently, but Gino is simply one of those “fun-to-watch” pro skaters. Raven Tershy introduces this 2003 Girl part.



Marcelo Garcia: His Week Before A Tournament | Jits Magazine

Brought to you by: FiveGrappling.com & Gameness.com

Marcelo Garcia talks about his week before a tournament at the Five Grappling Super Seminar near Toronto with Xande Ribeiro and Renato Laranja.