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Hall Of Meat: Cory Kennedy

To err is human. To miss the rail entirely is a disaster. Even insanely talented skaters like Cory aren’t all bolts all day.

Street League : From the Streets to the League w/ Luan Oliveira

Luan Oliveira sits down for our second edition of ‘From the Streets to the League’, where Street League pros talk about how they came up skating and ended up in Street League. For more info and to buy tickets to the 2011 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit http://www.StreetLeague.com

Cage/Wall Techniques

World lightweight champion Frankie Edgar demonstrates proper use of the wall in a fight.

Razor Rob explains how to defend a take down against a wrestler with your back to the cage.

Yves Edwards and Cole Miller of ATT show how to defend a double leg against the cage.

Countdown to UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields

Georges St-Pierre prepares to face the most dangerous opponent of his career – the underrated and relentless Jake Shields. See both men prepare on Countdown to UFC 129.

2009 BJJ Mundial Finals

AbsoluteRoger Gracie x Romulo Barral Final

Romulo Barral x Tarsis Humphreys

Roger Gracie x Ricardo Abreu

Braulio Estima x Alexandre de Souza

Rubens Cobrinha Charles x Bruno Frazatto

Roger Gracie vs Ronaldo Jacare @ Mundials 2002

Roger Gracie v Ronaldo Jacare @ 2002 Mundials…Brown Belt Finals.

Jose Aldo: Up Close and Personal Part 1-3


Part 1

Our Brazilian team gets up close and personal with featherweight champion Jose Aldo as we prepares for his UFC© debut at UFC® 129: St-Pierre vs Shields, April 30, 2011.

Part 2

The second part of the series as we follow Jose Aldo as he prepares for his UFC© debut at UFC® 129: St-Pierre vs Shields, April 30, 2011

Only a day away from the fight, listen to what Jose did to prepare for his first UFC title defense

Epicly Later’d Dylan Rieder (PT 1 of 4)

PT 1

Watch more Epicly Later’d on VBS: http://www.vbs.tv/epiclylaterd

Part 1 of Dylan’s series was a lot of fun to make. I would say that I pride myself on knowing quite bit about skateboarding, but I was almost completely unaware of his presence in this video until I heard Dylan mention he was in it. Dylan already has a history. He is an old school Cali skater, he came up through CASL contests, he can rip parks and street at the same level, and has the video coverage to prove it. Dylan is the most exciting skater out right now, hands down. That is a pretty bold statement, but it is based on Jim Thiebaud’s face. Now Jim has probably seen some of the some of the craziest and most innovative skating in the past 25 years. He hosted probably the greatest contest of all time, and has overseen teams with guys like Cardiel, the Gonz, and Busenitz. So when he makes a face like this after seeing someone do a singular trick, you know he’s got it.

PT 2

In this part we hear more from Mark Oblow about Dylan’s rising star. Most younger skaters might not know about Mark or remember some of the companies he ran/owned like Color and Prime Skateboards. They were sick, and you should look up all the videos on YouTube and realize that Mark has been behind some of the most powerful and innovative skaters for the past 20 years.

PT 3

Has it all from Time Code era Kalis footage to Dill talking about what it takes to create a memorable look. Oh yeah, Bill Strobeck also fills you in on how it all goes down when two of skateboarding’s most eligible bachelors enter the same bar in LA.

PT 4

Dylan Rieder wraps it up with a little talk about his Mind Field and Gravis parts.

Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ryan Hall

Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ryan Hall 1

Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ryan Hall 2

Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ryan Hall 3

Arte suave – Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia talks about his game and training at Alliance.

summer 08 and OTC


Firing Line: Dave Bachinsky

Some skate purists (and a few Barneys) aren’t feeling ledge combo tricks. At the beginning of this amazing line, Dave shows how a proper one done fast is a thing of beauty.

Khunpinit Kiettawan vs Attachai Fairtex Part 1-2


Part 1


Part 2

A classic fight with great performance especially Attachai, definitely one of my favorite fights!

José Aldo treina para o UFC 129


Bjj Half Guard Pass

David Diaz Purple Belt from Alliance NYC shows a Half-Guard Pass

ADCC 2001 – Leonardo Vieira vs. Morris Clifoni

Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Documentary Part 1-7

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Rafael Mendes ADCC Pro 2011

Rafael Mendes –

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2011

Abu Dhabi World Pro NO GI 2011

Mendes v Mendes NO GI Final

Rafael Mendes x Marcelino Freitas

Rafael Mendes x Bruno Malfacine

Mendes v ?????

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2011- Tanquniho v Rafael Mendes – Black Belt Final 65kg

Rafael Mendes :

4x World Champion (All belts) – 2006-2007-2008-2010
2x World Pro Champion – 2009-2010
World pro NOGI Champion 2011
ADCC Champion under 66 kg – 2009
European Champion – 2010
3x Brazilian Champion – 2006-2007-2010
World No Gi Champion – 2008

Abu Dhabi World Pro NO-GI 2011

Mendes Bros Final

Tanquinho vs Rafael Mendes 65kg Black Belt Final

Anuwat vs Attachai

Plan B Sheckler Fundamentals #9 – Frontside Tailslides

New to skating transitions? If so Ryan Sheckler is here to walk you through the fundamentals. Episode #9 Frontside Tailslides

Hall Of Meat: Chad Bartie

May not look like the gnarliest Hall of Meat but this slam of Chad Bartie put him on the shelf for while.

Tiago Camilo 2011 www.potencianoesporte.com

CrossFit Games Open – Speal vs. Khalipa: An Early Test of 11.6

Watch Games vets Chris Spealler and Jason Khalipa test out a shortened version of the final Open workout.