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Caio Magalhaes

Gracie Mag

Caio Magalhaes

Gracie Mag

SPoT Local Ripper Alex Sperando: 10 Tricks and Two Cents: Episode 3

SPoT local Alex Sperando is up next on 10/Two coming in hot with lines for the ten bell dings.

Street League 2012: DC Flagship Moment – Bastien in KC

Street League Logo

From winning the EU Selection straight to 2nd place at the first Stop of 2012 in Kansas City. Street League presents DC Shoes Flagship Moment with Bastien Salabanzi. For more information on the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com

Double Rock: Vincent Alvarez

Creative skating and different eras of tricks, all mixed with Vincent’s switch/regular/fakie hybrid blender. Oh yeah, he filmed this in like a minute.

CrossFit Games Regional 2012: Looking Back

A look into the last five weeks of Regional competition in 17 regions across the world.

2011 Paris World Weightlifting Championships – 77kg men clean & jerk

2011 Paris World Weightlifting Championships – 77kg men clean & jerk


I MADE THIS VIDEO TO BRING AWARENESS TO HOW IMPORTANT IT IS AND HAVING A POWERFUL CORE. We must not neglect training our core, because it is our center of power & gravity. PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS THANKS.

Classics: Stevie Williams “Chocolate Tour”

Stevie went from underground to worldwide recognition with this part. He also helped spotlight manual skating as both a science and an art form. Vincent Alvarez introduces this 1999 classic.

World Jiu Jitsu Championships preparation with Otavio Sousa

One week away from the biggest and most important tournament of the year, Otavio Sousa sets his sights on the ever elusive middle weight world title. Training again with his coach, Ze Radiola, Otavio Sousa feels more than ready to take home the gold.

Surprise Armbar from Sidemount – Rob Di Censo – Jits Magazine

Surprise Armbar from Sidemount – Rob Di Censo – Jits Magazine

S-Mount Positioning and Attack – Rob Di Censo – Jits Magazine

Rob shows us a smooth transition from side-mount to s-mount with an immediate attack.

K-1: WGP: 2003: Las Vegas

K1 WGP Logo

Michael Mcdonald vs. Remy Bonjasky 

Bob Sapp vs. Kimo

Remy Bonjasky vs. Jeff Ford

Carter Williams vs. Dewey Cooper 

Michael Mcdonald vs. George Randolph 

Rick Roufus vs. Jeff Ford 

Remy Bonjasky vs. Vernon White

Raul Romero vs. Aziz Khattou

Michael Mcdonald vs. Jefferson Silva

Cung Lee vs. Phil Peit

K1 WGP Logo

Leo Santos vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Nova Uniao

Leo Santos vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Nova Uniao


Leo Santos vs Gregor Gracie

Nova Uniao

Leo Santos vs Gregor Gracie

Nova Uniao

Street Dreams Full Movie

Best Of The Year 2011: TransWorld Park

TWS TV logo

Checkout a year’s worth of the best skating that went down in the TransWorld park. In part one, you’ll see ripping from Torey Pudwill, Tom Asta, Ryan Decenzo, Taylor Bingaman, Lucas Puig, Austyn Gillette, Peter Ramondetta, Walker Ryan, Tommy Sandoval and many more. Stay tuned for part two later this week featuring Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and more.

TWS TV logo

One Day With Vincent Alvarez

TWS TV logo

A true street-skating machine who loves every minute of it, the underground King Of L.A. gives us a glimpse inside his East L.A. home, takes us to even the most tucked away of spots, and keeps the shredding going long after nightfall.

TWS TV logo

Mifune – The Essence of Judo


50 years old and awesome. His unthrowability at 56minutes may be some of the most important footage for judo and aikidoists




Fighting for Winning


Pool Party: Visualizing Lines Ep.5

Timothy Bradley Using The Bag For Practice Likes It’s Manny’s Head

Manny Pacquiao Video- Timothy Bradley Using The Bag For Practice Likes It’s Manny’s Head.

Street League 2012: Kansas City Chevrolet Overdrive

After each stop of the 2012 Street League series we let all 24 Street League pros back out on to the course for the Chevy Overdrive, a 20 minute open jam session. At the end whoever our judges think had the best session walks away with a check for $10,000. At the first event of 2012 in Kansas City it was new Street League pro Ishod Wair who took home the $10G’s. Catch the Chevy Over Drive webcast at http://www.streetleague.com immediately following every Street League Finals and also visit our site to enter for a chance to win a brand new Chevy Sonic.

Duane Ludwig Fight Life Episode 3 – I Am a Fighter

Duane Ludwig’s Fight Life, leading up to his UFC 146 fight with Dan Hardy in Las Vegas. We’ve seen Bang the grappler, Bang the teacher, and now we get to see Bang the fighter… just like Hardy will at UFC 146.