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LRG – Nike skate park demo 2011

LRG team demo at Shibuya Nike skate park September 10th 2011. Starring Rodrigo TX, Karl Watson, Chico Brenes, Kelly Hart, Masataka Yamashiro and Felipe Gustavo.

Directed:Tomohiko Sumi
Film:Lorhin, F-nuts
Edit:Tomohiko Sumi
Music:The Antlers – Two

Visually Heard / Tom Asta @ Woodward Beijing’s Best Trick Contest

Stop Motion Start Skating: Chico Brenes

Chico’s still gettin money, even in stop motion.

Artist Driven with Pose | New York

This month as part of our ‘ARTIST DRIVEN SERIES’, LRG x Pose dropped in on the Bronx NYC for the second installment of our co-op wall tour and threw up this burner (pun intended) based on our ‘You Are What You Eat’ tee he created for the Fall 2010. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


LRG Maloof OC 2010

Billy Marks, Tom Asta, Chico Brenes, Andrew Langi, Rodrigo Petersen, Jack Curtin, Tommy Sandoval, and Felipe Gustavo shredding the Maloof OC contest 2010

music credits:¬†Atlas “Welcome To My Temple”. ¬†Check them out at getclose.tumblr.com