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Self Defense


Gracie Bullyproof: Austin’s 1-Week Transformation

Austin McDaniel is a 14-year old boy from Indiana who loves video games and electric guitar. He gets good grades, has loving parents, and is kind to others. On one fateful day in September 2012, he had his dignity ripped away by a heartless bully who viscously assaulted him at school in front of his peers. Austin was choked from behind and subsequently knocked unconscious by a barrage of punches to the face…all of which was caught on camera by the school’s security surveillance system.

After seeing the footage of the assault, Rener Gracie reached out to the McDaniel family to invite them to come to California so that Austin could rebuild what taken from him during the attack. They accepted the offer, and in this short documentary you will witness the transformation that took place over a single week of intensive training (20+ hours of instruction) at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in June of 2013.

Before the assault, Austin didn’t think it was possible for someone to be kind, courteous, and respectful while ALSO being strong, confident, and assertive. Now he knows otherwise. Learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has given him the confidence to take a stand against bullies and the technique to defend himself non-violently should he ever need to.

Every time a child commits suicide as a result of bullying, it could have been avoided. Please help us save lives by sharing this video with parents everywhere.

Special thanks to Bob Black, Hyperfly Productions and www.DoOrDie.com

Editing and Cinematography by Joseph Renteria



Wrestling Basics – Jordan Burroughs – Positioning, Set Ups, Pins, Neutral Defense

Positioning and Set Ups

Jordan Burroughs spent a day with Eastbay to show us wrestling basics and some of his favorite moves. In this segment Jordan shows us proper positioning and neutral set-ups to introduce the offensive attacks shown in the next video.


In this segment Jordan shows us how to finish off your opponent with different pins from half-nelsons to arm bars. He also shows us a cheap tilt to sneak in some backpoints.

Neutral Defense

In this segment Jordan shows us the basics of defending an opponent’s attacks from the neutral position.


Spider Guard Sweep, Leg Lock

This week Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows a spider guard sweep with a knee barrcjiujitsu.com

Jongsanan Fairtex and Ganyao Fairtex – Block Hook, switch knee

Muay Thai legend Jongsanan Fairtex along with Ganyao Fairtex ( as seen on The Ultimate Fighter) show a simple yet effective technique.

Marcelo Garcia On How To Defeat A Bigger, Stronger Opponent

Marcelo Garcia from talks about the techniques he uses to sweep and submit a bigger, stronger opponent.

Tony Blauer Controlling Fear, Fear Management, Reinvent yourself

Controlling Fear

Fear Management

Reinvent yourself

80 Techniques: Helio Gracie Tribute- Migliarese Bros. 80 Techniques: Helio Gracie Tribute- Migliarese Bros. Jiu-Jitu Self Defense

Grand Master Helio Gracie (Oct 1 1913 – Jan 29 2009) was known as the father of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ.

He was the father of the world-renowned fighters Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Royce Gracie, Relson Gracie and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) founder Rorion Gracie

In this video, a documentary, Phil and Ricardo Migliarese, demonstrate the Helio GRacie Brazilian jiu jiutsu self defense system. A Tribute to the master

THis system was the Beginning of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques: Mendes Brothers

Guilherme and Rafael Mendes demonstrate some interesting techniques from the guard. Part 1 of 2.

Options off the Single Leg, Sprawl and Turning the Corner, collar ties, elbow ties, grips, proper head control, under hooks, over hooks and whizzer control

READ THE DESCRIPTION: This is the FIRST part of the the video tutorial on the Single Leg. Here Nick focuses on distance, proper grib and the importance of hips, grips and head. Part 2 will focus on the takedown and turning the corner. We have made an effort to keep this SIMPLE so many Jiu Jitsu students can use this!

This video is part 2 of options off the single leg. Here Nick shows how to transition between take downs, what to do when your partner sprawls and how to battle to turn the corner.

Here Nick talks about collar ties, elbow ties, grips, proper head control (using your head), under hooks, over hooks and whizzer control.

Double Leg Take Down Defense: Staggered Stance / Whizzer Throw (pt 1)

This is part one of our new Wrestling for MMA (Jiu Jitsu) series. Ari Taub is a 2008 Beijing Olympic Wrestler for Team Canada and the CEO of Hard Knocks Fighting Championship . In part one, Ari shows how to defend the double leg takedown with a staggered stance and whizzer counter and throw.


Inside Control: How to control a standing Grappling Encounter by Ari Taub

Ari Taub demonstrates collar and elbow tie up and the inside control. He then describes the head snap to get dominant position.

Ari Taub is a 2008 Olympic Wrestling Competitor and the CEO of Hard Knocks Fighting Championship.

Defesa de estrangulamento e raspagem com Romero Jacaré

Líder da alliance ensina aos leitores do GRACIEMAG.com como defender o estrangulamento e raspar.


Robson Moura – Omoplata setup with choke variation –

Robson Moura shows a way to lock the arm from closed guard, and move to an omoplata or shoulder lock. If you can’t get the omoplata, a choke variation is also available. This is good for gi and no-gi grappling – be sure to get the hips out to maximize the pressure on the shoulder. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Robson Moura Shares Secrets of His Amazing Game During This Week Long Camp!


Have you ever seen one of those “Top 10 Jiu-Jitsu Fighters of All Time” lists magazines and websites love to publish? If so, I can guarantee you that Robson Moura was on it. He’s a fierce competitor and one of the most technical Jiu-Jitsu fighters to ever walk the planet. He’s also a great teacher, and a fun guy to hang around with. That’s why we are so excited to announce that Robson is headlining our first BJJ Weekly Immersion Seminar this August.

Enjoy up to 6 hours of instruction and training each day. (We’ll be training in a large climate controlled gymnasium.) Robson will be teaching multiple sessions each day, and you’ll get plenty of individual attention during both group seminars and semi-private lessons. In addition to Robson and his team, we’ll be bringing in even more guest black belt experts who will help make sure you master what you’re learning at camp. Experts will be on hand during the open mat sessions, so you can get help with techniques, get questions answered, or just hang out and roll with friends.

We’ll be staying at the luxurious Point Lookout Resort, a 400-acre mountainside retreat tucked along the spectacular Maine coast. You’ll be living the lifestyle, staying in fully-furnished rustic cabins which feature screened in porches, air conditioning, kitchenettes with fridge and stove, a plush living room with upscale furnishings, private bathrooms, and wireless internet. Come by yourself or bring your family while you train!

Our 36,000 square-foot fitness center houses not just mat space, but full locker rooms, a lounge, basketball courts, spinning studio, weight room and cardio equipment, racquetball courts, and tennis courts.

When we travel and film for BJJ Weekly, some of the most fun we have is hanging out with the experts after the shoot, listening to stories and hearing firsthand about Jiu-Jitsu history. We want you to enjoy that same experience. So in addition to all the training and mat time, we’ve scheduled 3 group dinners guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your trip. On Thursday night we’ll be doing a Downeast Lobster Bake at the summit of Point Lookout – it’s going to be a spectacular night!

This immersion seminar is limited to only 30 attendees and we will have multiple experts in addition to Robson working with you all week. The total cost of the seminar is $1950 and that includes your cabin, laundry service for gis, 3 dinners, one breakfast buffet, and an initial stock of goodies and snacks at your cabin.

We can’t wait to see you at the first BJJ Weekly Immersion Seminar!
Pete Roberts & Bill Thomas

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to join us at the BJJ Weekly Immersion Camp with 7x World Champion Robson Moura. It’s going to be an amazing week.

Only 30 slots available, a $250 deposit holds yours…

Vitor Shaolin Riberio’s Spider Guard Secrets

In these videos Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribiero shows nice techniques to use while in spider guard.

In this video Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribiero shows us a nice technique for setting up a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sweep while in spider guard.

In this segment Vitor Shaolin Ribiero picks up where we left off last week with some more variations on spider guard sweeps.

Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribiero Spider Guard Sweep IV

Vitor Shaolin BJJ NYC Instructional Video: Spider Guard to Omoplata.

Vitor’s NYC school located on 47th Street and 8th Ave in Manhattan NYC.

Judo for Jiu Jitsu – Jimmy Pedro – Osoto-Gari – BJJ Weekly #047

All Jiu-Jitsu matches start from standing, but at a lot of schools rolling starts from the knees. Some traditional Judo throws and take downs can be extremely effective and put you in a better position than pulling guard if completed successfully. In this episode of Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Jimmy Pedro, 4x Olympian and coach of the US Olympic Judo team shares a really nice technique that you can put to work in your game.

Harpoon Sweep Variation with Professor Pedro Sauer

Professor Pedro Sauer (8th Degree Red/Black Belt under Rickson and Helio Gracie) demonstrates a variation on the harpoon sweep when you are on your back and your opponent has you in side control. He further explains what to do when your opponent stops the harpoon sweep.

Robson Moura Escaping Triangle Using Legs – BJJ

Robson Moura demonstrates a good option for escaping the triangle, be sure to get your legs under your opponent’s butt, secure your arms and move their hips to the side. Be sure to posture up, get your feet on their arms and push back to escape -then take back control using their belt. Good for no-gi grappling too – with a little modification.

Proven Guard Techniques w/ Jeff Mitchell of Robson Moura Nova Uniao

Proven Guard Techniques w/ Jeff Mitchell of Robson Moura Nova Uniao

Rafael Mendes shows a NO GI submission

Rafael Mendes shows a NO GI submission

Robson Moura: escaping side control

From one of Master Robson’s interactive seminars, a student asks for other ways of getting out of side control – Robson demonstrates using his outside leg to secure and push off on the opponent’s arm. Hip out and regain guard! Please subscribe, Like – and give us your comments!


ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes

Semi Final Match of -66 kg Division

ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes SEMI FINAL

Leonardo Vieira ( Leozinho ) was a former teacher of Rafael Mendes and in this ADCC 2009 they met in this Semi Final and Rafael won.

Rafael Mendes x Rubens Charles Cobrinha ADCC 2009 FINAL

ADCC 2009 65KG FINAL. This fight last more than 40 min and this video is the final moments.

Guilherme Mendes x Rafael Mendes

Guilherme Mendes x Rafael Mendes @ COPA DO BRASIL 2005