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Great US Weightlifters: Natalie Burgener and Cheryl Haworth

A few training and competition lifts for Natalie and Cheryl.


MDUSAweightlifting 1.28.2013

This is all the footage I took, uncut and unedited. I didn’t video many of the warmups or any of the pulls that we ended the workout with, and I missed a few big lifts. But this is every video that I took with no editing. Maybe a little more realistic look at practice than I usually put on video? Probably so.

European Open 2013 – Black – Middle – Terere vs Charles Negromonte

Terere (Alliance) vs Charles Negromonte (Gracie Barra)

Keenan Cornelius vs Paulo Miyao 2013 European Championships

Keenan performs one of the most talked about guard passes at the 2013 Europeans. This was a battle of the ages as Paulo almost took Keenans back and the crowd roared. Keenan escapes, down by an advantage and now standing on top of a guy whose guard they say is not able to be passed, Keenan does the unthinkable, you have to watch to see it with your own eyes…

Keenan Cornelius vs Joao Miyao 2013 European Open Division finals

This is the finals of the European Open division brown belt division

[Фильм 2] Тяжелая Атлетика, СССР фильм, обучение

Техника борьбы. СОЮЗ СПОРТ ФИЛЬМ.

Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed Clip of the Day with Vincent Alvarez.

Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed Clip of the Day with Vincent Alvarez. You know Vincent has a ton of shit. Probably the longest one yet.


CrossFit – Coach B and the Clean

At this CrossFit Invictus Training Camp, longtime Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener works with one athlete who is not reaching full hip extension and is therefore being pulled forward by the bar. Coach Burgener explains the height of the bar is often less important than the speed with which an athlete can pull under it.

If athletes “lose connection” between the time of hip explosion and getting under bar, Burgener says he tells them to “keep pulling as they’re going down because pulling on that bar as I’m going underneath the bar is critical.”

At that point, the athlete begins cleaning from just above the knee. Burgener advises him to shrug and let the shoulders lead him down under the bar.

“You gotta shrug down and around that bar,” he tells him. “As I’m doing the shrug under, I’m not trying to pull the bar up, I’m trying to shrug myself down under the bar.”

Coach Burgener illustrates the point with pictures and video, and the overall message is clear: finish the second pull by extending the hips, then pull under the bar like a junk-yard dog.

Freestyle Practice With India – Highlights

Highlights of the resident freestyle practice with Team India and Air Academy High School at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO on January 17, 2013.


Greco-Roman practice with Sweden and India – Highlights

Highlights from the USA Greco-Roman team’s practice with Team Sweden and Team India at the Olympic Training Center on January 17, 2013.


UFC’s Benson Henderson Full MMA Class: Training Days – The NOC

Benson Henderson, the UFC Lightweight Champion, takes us through a full 1 hour and 20-minute MMA Class. Henderson is preparing to face Nate Diaz December 8 to defend his title.


Wanderlei Silva – UFC Japan – Video #2 – Here We Go Again

Wanderlei Silva trains at Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas as his training camp begins. Getting ready for his next fight against Brian Stann at UFC Japan March 02.


Wrestling – #5 Iowa 29, #21 Purdue 9


Pressure: Guilherme Mendes – Top Game

Pressure: Guilherme Mendes Top Game | The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory

Maintaining your position – Gustavo Dantas

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Nova Uniao USA chief, Gustavo Dantas, gives you an in-depth explanation of how to maintain a position before attacking or doing anything else. He uses the z-guard as an example position.

Part 2 of the Dantas series.

Part 3 of the Dantas series.

Part 4 of the Dantas series.

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Nova Uniao

Lloyd Irvin’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Micro Transitional Drilling System Explained

Lloyd Irvin explains his transitional drilling system and demonstrates 2 of these systems 1. for a clock choke and 2. for a back attack finish