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50/50 Guard: Fabio Gurgel, Chico Mendes, Rafael Mendes, Guilherme Mendes, Xande Ribeiro, Ryan Hall

Alliance’s leader Fabio Gurgel teaches exclusively to GRACIEMAG.com readers two escapes from the new and polemic 50/50 guard. The two escapes were invented by purple belt Ricardo Mesquita, who shows the move with Gurgel in the video. Enjoy the second escape.

uma das solucoes pra guarda 50/50

50-50 Guard by: Chico Mendes

Rafael Mendes demonstrando em Eduardo Ramos (Ed)

Guilherme Mendes demonstrando em Thiago Mendes (preparador físico)

Rafael Mendes demonstrando em Denilson Bischiliari

In this segment, Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes shares the technique he’s been using lately in competition to defeat the 50/50 guard. It’s really important to keep your trapped leg straight so that you keep your opponent from getting underneath you. Once you have a good base and the trapped leg is straight you can stand to break the legs open and then work the pass. There is a lot of subtle movements in this technique so work it with your training partner for a while in drilling before trying it live.

Ryan Hall: This Scene is taken from DVD 1- Technique 3 -Controlling The Trapped Knee.

Ryan Hall: This Scene is taken from DVD 2- Chapter 3 – Transition #3: Kneebar To 50/50.

Ryan Hall: This Scene is taken from DVD 2- Chapter 3 – Transition #3: Kneebar To 50/50.

At the 2009 Jiu-Jitsu Nationals, Mafu Kobus talks with Xande Ribeiro about the 50/50 guard and his impressions of it’s practicality.


Team Lloyd Irvin 1st American Team Place 2011 Pan Ams BJJ

Pyrros Dimas Athens 2004

Pyrros Dimas Athens Weightlifting 2004



Tampa Pro 2011

Tampa Pro 2011

Josh Stewart wakes up with Ryan Sheckler on Sunday and…wait, that sounds sketchy. Josh Stewart films some of Ryan Sheckler in the morning on his way to the Semi-Finals where he joins Danny Fuenzalida, Fabrizio Santos, Anthony Shetler, Sierra Fellers, Tyler Hendley and his funny hat, Justin Brock, John Rattray, Greg Lutzka, Chaz Ortiz, and Luan Oliviera. Then it’s on to the Finals with Dennis Busenitz, Torey Pudwill, Peter Ramondetta, Keegan Sauder, Nyjah Huston, and Paul Rodriguez. Following that is the chaos of Best Trick, some words for Joey Brezinski, the Awards, and a closing from Ryan Sheckler.

Blind Team Manger Bill Weiss, Ira Ingram from Fuel TV, SPoTlight judge John Muldoon,

DVS Team Manager Gabe Clement, Puerto Rican Ambassador Bole, Frontside Grind Magazine
Poster Boy Mike Rogers, four capital letters champ Adam Salo, north Florida early
grabber BC, 411 resurrector Josh Friedburg, Skateboard Mag photographer Rodent, great
kickflipper Hunter from Nike, SPoTlight judge Jason Rothmeyer, skateboard
adventure writer Paul Zitzer, SPoTlight judge and snack afficianado Mike Sinclair,
Devin Mercado from Eruption, local stand up comic star Scotty the Body, Deluxe TM
Darin Howard, Scott Keorner from Dakine, skateboard adventure writer Kevin Wilkins
from The Skateboard Mag, Fat Bob of You Gotta Get That fame, and SPoT General Manager
Ryan Clements are all going for it in the Tampa Not Pro 2010: TM and Industry VIP Contest.

Footage from the Tampa Pro 2010 Party with F–ked Up, Trash Talk, and forgetters.

King of the Road 2010: Full Video

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