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Archive for 11/14/2012

JUDO World Championship – Tokyo 2010

JUDO World Championship – Tokyo 2010

Snatch Showdown

Lifters will talk smack, so at ABG we take it to the platform

Jared Enderton – 90kg ; Pat Mendes – 101kg ; John Broz – 119kg ; Tyler Thuente – 121kg

ABG House rules apply with No handicaps.

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting 11-8-12

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Tamara snatch, Jolie snatch, Dawn snatch, Tate snatch, Chyna block clean, Mike clean and jerk, Aimee Lee snatch Dion snatch, Steve clean and jerk, Eastman snatch, Alyssa snatch, Tate clean and jerk, Audra clean and jerk, Alyssa clean and jerk, Dave front squat.