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2012 CrossFit Games – Clean Ladder: Men

2012 CrossFit Games – Clean Ladder: Men

Rolled Up Episode 23 – The impassable guard with Michael Langhi

Rolled Up Episode 23 – The impassable guard with Michael Langhi

In this episode of Rolled Up:

-Langhi talks about how Cobrinha got him into BJJ
-Capoeira is the base of Jiu-jitsu

Men’s Freestyle – 74 kg – Gold Medal – Iran v United States – Full Replay – London 2012

Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 74 kg Gold Medal – Iran v United States Full Replay from the ExCeL – North Arena 2 at the London 2012 Olympic Games. – 10 August 2012

The Passion to Fight: Checkmat BJJ & Ricardo Vieira


Where does the passion to fight come from? If anybody knows this answer, it’s Ricardo Vieira. A nine-time world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he and his brother Leo Vieira founded the Checkmat team. Known for their amazing success in competition, the team consistently places in the top three at major championships (such as the recent 2012 PanAms, where they took second in the team championship).

In this video from BJJ Hacks, filmmaker and journalist Hywel Teague goes inside the famed FightZone academy in Copacabana to investigate what it is that makes this team different.

The Real Berimbolo | Mendes Bros Jiu Jitsu

The Berimbolo was developed by the Mendesbros and became famous because they used it to attack their opponents in the past few years. This back attack is one of the Mendesbros crafty tricks from the Berimbolo technique. Now you see the new generation using it and trying to understand the technique that help make the Mendesbros become multiple time world champions.

Shane Mosley vs Winky Wright FULL FIGHT

This was a dominating fight for Winky. Shane had no answers for Winkys style. Mosley didnt have to take this fight but he made a business mistake. When Winky fought Fernando Vargas many felt Winky deserve the victory. After that fight every promoter and manager avoided Wink. Many believe including myself that if Shane didnt give Winky a shot we might have not seen some of the dominate performances and exciting fights that Winky provided so thanks to Mosley for letting Winky in to the spotlight.

Winky Wright vs Fernando Vargas

“Ferocious” Fernando Vargas had knocked out his first 17 opponents and looked unstoppable. Unknown journeyman Ronald “Winky” Wright should have just been another KO on the highlight reel, but nobody knew he was a burgeoning ATG light middleweight…it’s a close one.

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