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Paul Rodriguez – Full Clip Friday

Paul Rodriguez – Full Clip Friday


Firing Line: Paul Rodriguez

One of the best street skaters at one of the best street spots.

Paul Rodriguez switch 360 flip

Paul Rodriguez doing a few switch 360 flips down the 9 stair at the Pacoima skatepark

Paul Rodriguez nollie front side crooked grind

Paul Rodriguez nollie front side crooked grind


Paul Rodriguez: Training Facility Montage


Paul Rodriguez wins Tampa Pro 2009

Paul Rodriguez’s run in the finals at Tampa Pro in 2009 which won him first place that year.

Classics: Paul Rodriguez “Yeah Right” 2003

With all of the smooth and consistent skating it makes sense that Nyjah’s favorite video part is P-Rod’s from Yeah Right.

Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Omar Salizar: Shanghai Day One

Street League Championship Preview: Paul Rodriguez

Here we have our first exclusive championship preview interview with Paul Rodriguez – currently ranked 7th headed into NJ. Paul breaks down his feeling of the series so far and how he feels about skating against Nyjah on the 28th where any of the top ten have a chance to become Street League Champion. For more information and videos visit http://www.streetleague.com

Nike SB – Paul Rodriguez: Living and Learning Commercial

To celebrate the release of the Nike Paul Rodriguez 5, Nike SB presents Living and Learning. Chasing the next big trick is the thrill of pursuit — sometimes you win the battle, sometimes you lose. In skateboarding the war is never over. Paul knows this, and his signature product is designed to help him soldier on.

Street League Quick Clip: Paul Rodriguez – Glendale AZ 2011

Paul Rodriguez gets a Quick Clip during the practice for the Glendale, AZ stop of the Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy. For more videos and information visit www.streetleague.com

Full Clip Friday #25


Paul Rodriguez’s Full Clip Friday #24

Paul Rodriguez’s Full Clip Friday #24

Paul Rodriguez’s Full Clip Friday #23

Some clips from this last week in the park


Nike Chosen At Lincoln Park

Paul Rodriguez and crew hit Lincoln Park in Los Angeles for a skate jam on The Chosen West Coast Tour. Sign up your crew at Nike.com/chosen.



On May 21st, 2011, Primitive threw a demo at SkateLab in Simi Valley. This is a video of what went down.
Primitive skate team is : Paul rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, Chaz Ortiz, Carlos Zarazua, Nate Principato, Na-kel Smith, Jorge ramirez, & Erich Magiar *Guest appearance by extended family member Shane O’Neill

Full Clip Friday #20_Euro Gap

Full Clip Friday #20_Euro Gap

I’ve been having a lot of fun at the park this week especially up the Target euro gap, check it out

Paul Rodriguez ft. Ice Cube – Today was a good day [extended version]

Paul Rodriguez ft. Ice Cube – Today was a good day [extended version]

Plan B Paul Rodriguez Video

A full length Paul Rodriguez video part available for download exclusively on itunes; November 15th.

Full Clip Friday #18.mov

Been really busy lately so I haven’t really been out to film anything for Full Clip Friday since Seattle Street League. I thought I would do some of the flat ground tricks i really like to do so I could at least post something for you this week, hope you like it.

Full Clip Friday #14 Barcelona Throwaway

Plan B – One Year United

Plan B proudly presents the One Year United clip celebrating one year united with Element Skateboards.