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Firing Line: Kyle Walker

When you think “street alley” you usually think dark and crusty. But Kyle finds a clean and wide beauty and stitches together a rad line.


Firing Line: Paul Rodriguez

One of the best street skaters at one of the best street spots.

Firing Line: Lewis Marnell

Firing Line: Lewis Marnell

Firing Line: Kyle Berard


Nothin’ more fun than ripping ‘crete in the hot sun. Kyle throws down a smooth winner.

Firing Line: Andrew Reynolds

Firing Line: Andrew Reynolds

Thrasher Magazine: Firing Line: Mark Suciu

From rocks and wallies to flips, slides, and grinds, Mark covers all the bases in a single line.

Thrasher Magazine: Firing Line: Best of 2011

The trick choices and use of spots in a line say as much about a skater as their individual style. The best skaters in the world are now setting aside their footage for Firing Line. Just wait until next year!

Firing Line: Jared Huss

Jared navigates his way through an obstacle course with a great ender on his mind

Firing Line: Steven Webb

From a bigspin to an even bigger spinning manual, this line doesn’t disappoint.

Firing Line: Theotis Beasley

Fresh off his upgrade to pro status, Theo hit the schoolyard with Beagle to deliver one hell of a Firing Line.

Firing Line: Chad Tim Tim

Chad Tim Tim has one of the most effortless switch styles. Even Ricky Oyola would approve of his push…


Firing Line: Tyson Bowerbank

Tyson Bowerbank has a heavy-duty name and the board control to back it up.


Firing Line: Pat Pasquale

Three elements of street skating—a manual, a flatground trick, and a ledge—come together in one solid line.

Firing Line: Ben Nordberg

No crowds, no bust, no problem. Ben enjoys a ditch day with this sweet line.


Firing Line: Cyril Jackson

Here’s a line from Cyril Jackson’s part in the 1031 video which will premiere here on Friday.

Firing Line: Dave Bachinsky

Some skate purists (and a few Barneys) aren’t feeling ledge combo tricks. At the beginning of this amazing line, Dave shows how a proper one done fast is a thing of beauty.

Firing Line: Antoine Asselin

On any company with a bunch of riders, the ams have to go nutzo to get noticed. Real has a ripping squad and Antoine is making his mark.

Firing Line: Raven Tershy

You’d think his legs would be tired after 12 walls, but Raven has a surprise move.
People are tripping out on this guy.

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