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Iowa Wrestling

Iowa Wrestling


Wrestling Basics – Jordan Burroughs – Positioning, Set Ups, Pins, Neutral Defense

Positioning and Set Ups

Jordan Burroughs spent a day with Eastbay to show us wrestling basics and some of his favorite moves. In this segment Jordan shows us proper positioning and neutral set-ups to introduce the offensive attacks shown in the next video.


In this segment Jordan shows us how to finish off your opponent with different pins from half-nelsons to arm bars. He also shows us a cheap tilt to sneak in some backpoints.

Neutral Defense

In this segment Jordan shows us the basics of defending an opponent’s attacks from the neutral position.



Wrestling Basics with Jordan Burroughs – Takedowns

In this segment Jordan shows some of his best offensive attacks including his very explosive double-leg takedown.


Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 96 kg Final – USA v UKR Full Replay — London 2012 Olympic Games

Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 96 kg Final – USA v UKR Full Replay — London 2012 Olympic Games

Wrestling Mens Freestyle 60 kg Final – Azerbaijan v Russian

Wrestling Men’s Freestyle 60 kg Finals Gold medal match – Azerbaijan v Russian Fed. Full Replay from the ExCeL – North Arena 2 at the London 2012 Olympic Games. — 11 August 2012

The 1900 Games were the only ones where wrestling was not present in any shape or form. As from the 1908 Olympic Games in London, Greco-Roman wrestling has always been included on the programme. Since the 1920 Antwerp Games, there have been both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling competitions.

Find more about Wrestling at http://www.olympic.org/wrestling-freestyle and http://www.olympic.org/wrestling-grego-roman