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VF Workout 138 – Kettlebell Snatch 40kg / 88lb – Ivan Denisov

Ivan Denisov attempts his own 40kg /88lb Snatch Record


World Kettlebell Lifting Championships – Snatch – Kettlebell

At the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships, November 3rd and 4th, 2007, in Miami, Florida, the Men’s Professional Division competed in the Snatch using one 70lb. Kettlebell. Featured in this video is the Biathlon winner, Ivan Denisov, as well as Andrew Durniat, Ken Blackburn, Vasilis Ginko, and Roberts Innus.


Andy Fitting 6min Kettlebell Snatch – 63/63 reps

Practice session of Andy Fitting – April 5, 2011. Coached by Eric Liford

This 6 minute test just days after a competition where Andy set his 32kg 10 minute Kettlebell Snatch personal record. It’s been only about 3 months since Andy took up the Snatch. Training before that consisted of 1 arm movements for StrongSport and Pentathlon. We take that back, he had been practicing Half-Snatch with the Pentathlon, but it’s only 3 months of specific Snatch training.

90kg / 200lb Super Kettlebell Record

At the 2011 WKC® Greek Training Camp, WKC® Master Trainer Pavlos Georgiadis attempts a record with the famous 90kg/200lb Super Kettlebell! Max reps with 1 arm…

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