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Archive for 05/12/2012

UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir on PPV Extended Preview

UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir on PPV Extended Preview

Independent Trucks: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds defies gravity and Los Angeles security. So nice he did it twice. Andrew skates Independent Trucks. Ride the Best.

Full Clip Friday #1

I get asked a lot about where the first 8 Full Clip Fridays are, I originally posted them on my Facebook page but I guess its time to put them up here, hope you enjoy them

Primitive Apparel X Grizzly X Diamond Supply Co

This Saturday, May 12th shall be a monumental day, as we will be dropping our Primitive Apparel X Grizzly X Diamond Supply Co goods.

Since the owners of all three of these companies are longtime friends, this collab came together in the most natural way. Not to mention, the artwork for this project was just begging to be done. Some things are just meant to be!

As you probably know, most skateboarders are very passionate & sentimental. We love to do things like create skate videos that can be looked back on for generations to come. Each vid serves as a time capsule, documenting fragments of our lives.

Born into this skate world, we see apparel as an extension of documentation. This capsule represents our combined present day creative efforts. We’re not just making clothes here.. We’re making memories & keepsakes!

Come through this Saturday, May 12th from 2-6PM to join in the celebration of this release. There will be food, music, drinks, and special appearances. You know how we do it.



Manny Pacquiao – Road To Bradley Intensifies with SPEED