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Archive for 05/23/2012

Classics: Rodrigo Teixeira “Can’t Stop”

Hard to believe this part is almost 10 years old. The precision gnar of TX’s skating will stand tall in any era. Carlos Ribeiro introduces a classic part from The Firm’s 2003 video.

Crailtap’s El Chocolate Tour

El Chocolate Tour of Central America, featuring Chico Brenes, Stevie Perez, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson, Brian Anderson, Cory Kennedy and Rick McCrank.

Crailtap’s Clip of the Day: Ishod in the bowl

Clip of the Day. Towards the end of Fourstar’s 4 Live Crew Tour, and after a full day of skating in and around the Miami area we ended up a this indoor bowl. Most were too beat but Ishod ratted it out, per usual. Full 4 Live Crew video coming soon.

Also featuring Mike Carroll & Shane O’Neill


Magnified: Jacob Walder

Switch inward heel tailslide on a handrail? Even after seeing the sequence proof in the June mag, this mad move requires a closer look.