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Archive for 05/03/2012

Gunnar Nelson – A Calm Mind

In this video Gunnar Nelson talks about his approach to BJJ and MMA and how his mind is the strongest part of his game. He believes to be good at BJJ you need to have a clear and relaxed mind in order to let your game flow and be creative.

Kings MMA: Wanderlei, Werdum, Ellenberger & Babalu

Master Rafael Cordeiro from Kings MMA Talks about upcoming fights from his students Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Jake Ellenberger and Babalu Sobral.

Judo Grip Fighting and Gripping Drills and Skills

For the best grip fighting information for Judo and for Brazilian Jiujitsu you should most definitely get your hands on Underground Gripfighting Secrets 2.0. World Judo Champion, Jimmy Pedro and Dr. Rhadi Ferguson provide the best judo grip fighting instruction in this educational series on gripping and grip fighting that meets the mark on quality judo and grip fighting information and then surpasses it.


“Isabel-Off” with Josh Everett and Dave Lipson

The named WOD Isabel is a knock-down-drag-out display of speed and power. The prescription calls for 30 Snatches at 135 lbs. The athlete must simply take the bar from ground to overhead in one motion, without coming in contact with his body. The strategy is the shooter’s choice.

Dave Lipson and Josh Everett are two of the most powerful CrossFit athletes in the world. Coming into the CrossFit/USAW Open, both men had recorded exceptionally fast Isabel times. Everett clocked his best in 1:11 and Lipson posted an absurd 56 second time. On Friday night of the Open weekend, Everett and Lipson went head to head in this benchmark workout, with judges counting their every rep and a crowd cheering them on.

For the first half of the workout, Lipson and Everett lifted in unison, with their barbells returning to the ground at the same time, every rep. Past rep 20, though, fatigue started to set in and both athletes had to readjust their grips. With less powerful and thus slightly lower pulls, they also each began to have to press out the weight a bit more each time in order to reach lock out position. As rep thirty approached, it was impossible to tell who would win. While both athletes finished in 1:06, a video review showed that Everett had reached lock-out on his thirtieth rep just ahead of Dave, securing the win.

Highlights from the CrossFit/USAW Open

Power, Speed, Strength, and Beauty.

CrossFit is leading a resurgence in Olympic weightlifting. The snatch and clean and jerk are complex movements, but CrossFitters have taken towards training them with remarkable enthusiasm and effort.

This video from Again Faster showcases the weightlifting component of the CrossFit/USAW Open. Watch as legendary CrossFitters Chris Spealler, Kristan Clever, Josh Everett, and more display their power and skill. The footage has been slowed down a bit, so you can see each lift in full detail.