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Archive for 09/04/2012

The Need for Speed

The Cal Strength Olympic Lifting Team is feeling the need for speed! The Monday workout regimen is designed to work on their technique and speed transitioning under the bar. The team opens the practice with some work on the high boards. Starting from position 1 eliminates the pull, forcing them to transition under the bar and get into the receiving position faster. Hanging their toes off the boards forces them to stay on their heels throughout the lift. Next, the team works on cleans off the blocks, and finishes it up with 3 front squats and a jerk.


Braulio Estima – Triangle Magic – BJJ Weekly Issue #116

In Braulio’s last week he does not disappoint. Braulio has been following a sequence for the past few weeks based off a sweep. This week he combines the sweep, triangle and hip bump sweep all into one. This series is very high percentage and once mastered it will become a deadly part of your arsenal.


Calisthenics Kingz: MOSCOW 2012 COMPETITION

This is some of the highlights from the amazing street workout competition held in Moscow. The experience was great, All the athletes did great, showed great sportsmanship to one another, it was an overall amazing event. I look forward to being involved in much more of these competitions.