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Terere BJJ Seminar

BJJ technique – the arm bar from knee on belly.

Choke from side mount

Triangle from side

by Terere

Greg Jackson MMA Seminar Evolve Gym Featuring Shinya Aoki


Fabio Gurgel seminar Zagreb, Croatia

Sport Television Croatia (SPTV) video footage of training camp with Alliance BJJ head instructor Fabio Gurgel in Zagreb Croatia. Seminar was held in SUBOS GYM Martinovka, September 2011.

Rear Naked Choke Submission Seminar with Jeff Glover

Donate to Help Families Dealing with Autism everyday, go to:http://AutismRadio.org/donate – Jeff Glover is a 22-Time Grapplers Quest Champion and a Paragon Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller. Train with him here: http://www.jeffgloverbjj.com/


Robson Moura: escaping side control

From one of Master Robson’s interactive seminars, a student asks for other ways of getting out of side control – Robson demonstrates using his outside leg to secure and push off on the opponent’s arm. Hip out and regain guard! Please subscribe, Like – and give us your comments!