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Archive for 04/12/2011

Firing Line: Antoine Asselin

On any company with a bunch of riders, the ams have to go nutzo to get noticed. Real has a ripping squad and Antoine is making his mark.

Randy Couture Doesn’t Want To Be The Brett Favre Of MMA

Randy Couture spoke with MMAWeekly.com about his UFC 129 bout with Lyoto Machida and says he doesn’t want to be the Brett Favre of MMA. Get more MMA and UFC news at the World’s top MMA News website

The Bantamweight Tournament: The Semifinals Revealed SHOWTIME BOXING

The private moments behind a truly dramatic night of boxing are revealed by the cameras of Showtime Sports. Go inside the fight camps of Agbeko, Mares, Darchinyan, and Perez and experience the tournament semifinals from a new perspective. Bantamweight Tournament Finals on Saturday, April 23rd on SHOWTIME.

Robson Moura Half Guard Escape to Omoplata or Armlock

Here, Robson demonstrates moving out of half guard to an omoplata or an armlock. This is great when your opponents has been holding you tight – but you can make space by pushing back with your arms and leg.


CrossFit – Khalipa’s History with the Squat Clean Thruster

By winning the final squat clean and jerk workout of the 2008 CrossFit Games, Jason Khalipa put himself on the map. Three years later, he attacks the squat cleans in Open Workout 11.3.