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Braulio Estima – Triangle Magic – BJJ Weekly Issue #116

In Braulio’s last week he does not disappoint. Braulio has been following a sequence for the past few weeks based off a sweep. This week he combines the sweep, triangle and hip bump sweep all into one. This series is very high percentage and once mastered it will become a deadly part of your arsenal.


Braulio Estima – Sweep From Guard Progression – BJJ Weekly Issue #114

Braulio Estima joins us for his second week displaying a follow up to last weeks technique. Remember, once you have your opponents posture broken and off balance, there is always another option. Try this weeks technique but remember to go for number one setup first and then transition to this.




BJJ Legends Seminar with Mario Sperry, Braulio Estima and Jorge Santiago Jaco Hybrid Training

Jaco Hybrid Training Centre July 28-29 2012
Contact phone number — 954-281-5829
contact email — seminars@JacoHTC.com
BJJ Legends Seminar with Mario Sperry, Braulio Estima and Jorge Santiago

Rolled Up Episode 29: Training the Gray Areas with Braulio Estima

In this episode, Budo Jake travels to Birmingham, England to visit ADCC champ & 3 time BJJ World champ – Braulio Estima. Topics include:

-Braulio’s beginnings in BJJ
-The character of Ze Radiola
-Gracie Barra in the UK
-Facing a potentially career ending injury
-Superfight with Andre Galvao in 2013
-Changing your stratagy
-Learn from the best competitors in the world