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The mighty weightlifter’s third Olympic gold medal – Pyrros Dimas – Sydney 2000

After winning the Olympic gold medal in both Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996, Pyrros Dimas arrived in Sydney aiming for the top. Could the mighty weightlifter overcome his previous injuries and be Olympic champion for the third time?

Lifting an impressive 390kg in total, Pyrros Dimas once again earned his position on the highest step of podium, becoming only the third weightlifter ever to win three Olympic gold medals.


Pyrros Dimas – 215kg Clean & Jerk – Sydney 2000

215kg Clean & Jerk, -85kg weight class, Sydney Olympics 2000

Pyrros Dimas gold medal 1996

Pyrros Dimas, Clean and Jerk 1995

Pyrros Dimas Clean and Jerk 1995

The Amazing Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995

Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995