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Royal Welcomes Miles Silvas

royal trucks logo

The Royal Truck Company Welcomes Miles Silvas. Filmed by Matt Mullen and Massimo Legittimo.

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Lakai Limited Footwear Presents:
Extra Voltage (Extra footage from ‘Lakai Voltage tour video”)

Edited by:
Federico Vitetta

Filmed by:
Federico Vitetta / Mark Nickels

Additional footage:
Lakai team

Marc Johnson
Guy Mariano
Brandon Biebel
Cairo Foster
Vincent Alvarez
Rick Howard
Mike Carroll
Mike Mo Capaldi
JB Gillet
Jesus Fernandez
Danny Brady
Nick Jensen
Daniel Espinoza
Riley Hawk
Raven Tershy

Summer 2010
Germany, Switzerland and France.


“Sheep” by Gonjasufi

Crailtap’s Clip of the Day. Riley and Ronnie.

Clip of the Day. When the Pedro kids come up, let the air show commence. Riley and Ronnie go Mega.

CCS Fourstar Cover Shoot Behind the Scenes

The Fall 2011 catalog is making its way to your mailbox now. This one features shared CCS and Fourstar team riders Shane O’neill, Brian Anderson, and Rick Howard having fun like only the Crailtap crew knows how. Watch these guys get ridiculous for a few hours and come away with a CCS cover that will surely go down as a classic.


Crailtap’s Clip of the Day. Stevie and his homies

Stevie, Robbie, Ronnie and Mighty, not the boy band, but the Clip of the Day. This was filmed after they were done skating and I made them go back and do it all again. Kids these days.

In order Stevie Perez, Robbie Russo, Mighty & Ronnie