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Lucas Lepri: X-Guard Sweep, sweep from half-guard, Single leg X-Guard,

Lucas Lepri (Alliance BJJ) v.s. Augusto Mendes (Soul Fighters) Here Lucas Lepri displays a great X-Guard Control (as seen in MGinAction) to set up a 2 point takedown/sweep

Alliance BJJ Black Belt World Champion Lucas Lepri sweeps his opponent from a knee in half guard position (quarter guard type)

Alliance BJJ New York All-Star Black Belt Lucas Lepri doing a Single leg X-Guard sweep at the IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2011

Rolling Reflections – Robson Moura – BJJ Weekly #045

In this episode of Rolling Reflections we get an amazing chance to listen in as Robson Moura shares his thoughts on a recent flow roll we captured with one of his black belts while visiting RMNU in Tampa Florida. Robson talks about some details such as upside down guard, managing hooks, the importance of flowing and chaining submissions, and more.

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