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Kru Lamsongkram Chuwattana’s lethal kicks – Tiger Muay Thai

Top tier Tiger Muay Thai trainer, Kru Lamsongkram Chuwattana has had over 280 fights while collecting five belts: two Rajadamnern stadium titles, an S-1 Title, both a World Muay Thai Council(WMC) and a World Boxing Council(WBC) Muay Thai belt.


Brazilian Top Team, Murilo Bustamante, Tiger Muay Thai – Training Camp

In this video MMA Legend Murilo Bustamante travels to Phuket, Thailand with 4 of his top up and coming MMA Fighters from BTT Brazil in Rio De Janeiro. He Brings with him Pedro Nobre, Danilo Patusco De Almeida, Fernando Camoles Ribas and Toninho Furia. All 4 fighters are up and coming in the MMA scene in Brazil. 4 of them hold Brown Belts in BJJ and they travel to Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket to improve and refine their skills in Muay Thai and to also compete in their first Muay Thai fights in Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong.

Vio produced by http:www.stuartcooperfilms.com


Jeff “The Pipelayer” Glover – DONT TRY THIS AT HOME, BJJ Seminar @ Tiger Muay Thai


Jeff Glover brought the word JITS to jiu-jitsu to SE Asia this week holding a BJJ seminar at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. Video produced by Danny Baci

Jeff Glover is a gifted American grappler from Paragon BJJ. This Ricardo Miller Jiu Jitsu black belt has one of the most attractive fighting styles in Submission Wrestling and BJJ today, with his innovative deep half guard (check Jeff Glover’s DVD review). He was also made famous through his series of episodes called “Glover’s Travels” where he travelled throughout the United States interviewing and training with some of the best coaches in the country.

Main Achievements/Record:

Mundial de No-Gi Champion (2007);
2x Pan American Champion (2006 and 2005 — brown belt divisions);
2x ADCC veteran;
15x Open Weight champion for different organizations throughout his career
Weight Division: Pena (Featherweight) 70kg/154lbs

Favourite Position/Technique: Deep Half Guard Sweep

Team/Association: Paragon BJJ/Alliance BJJ

Phil Baroni returns to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp

The “NYBA” Phil Baroni a legend in the sport of MMA returns to Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand for the second time in under 1 year. This time we had the chance to interview him and get some answers we have been waiting to hear, enjoy!. (NOTE: THIS IS OLD TRAINING FOOTAGE TAKEN FROM BARONI’S 1ST TRIP TO TMT, PHIL WAS UNABLE TO TRAIN MUCH THIS TIME DUE TO A RIB INJURY FROM HIS LAST FIGHT)