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In Memory of Coach Shawn Tompkins

On August 14, the MMA world lost a great coach and a better person. Shawn Tompkins was one of the most dedicated and caring coaches in the sport, and his influence was felt far and wide.

In addition to being the head coach at TapouTVTC’s online MMA training center, Shawn was the host and a featured contributor to the online MMA gym. Earlier this year, Shawn was gracious enough to give the MMA training facility a look into his life, home, and family.

TapouT sends our condolences to Shawn’s family, friends and all of the members of Team Tompkins



Inside America’s Gyms, Tapout with Shawn Tompkins

Kings MMA: Shogun, Wandi Silva, Werdum Xyience Ambassador

Kings MMA: Shogun, Wandi Silva, Werdum Xyience Ambassador Rafael Cordeiro.

Predictions on UFC Wandi Silva vs Chris Leben, Shogun vs Griffin 2, Werdum vs Overeem.

Werdum Vs Overeem Training: Kings MMA Update on Shogun, Wandi, Munoz

Inside Werdum’s Training Camp vs Overeem.
Kings MMA Update: Werdum, Shogun, Wandi, Munoz

Master Rafael Cordeiro gives an update on the gym and the guys at the gym with fights coming up.

Babalu Sobral: Dream Light Heavyweight Tournament

Aaron Tru documents Revgear fighter Babalu Sobral as he prepares for his Dream Light Heavyweight Torunament.