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Robson Moura – JiuJitsu Hs No End (Short Doc)

Robson Moura 7th Gold

In this documentary Robson Moura teaches a seminar in the UK and talks about his approach to BJJ and what he has learned not only in the sport but in life over the years through his profession. He talks about a lot of things that many BJJ Practitioners will relate to and also shows us a few techniques that will only improve your BJJ game in the Gi. It also features footage from his ADCC 2011 Bouts with Jeff Glover and Ryan Hall. Directed by BJJ/MMA Film maker Stuart Cooper

Visit Robson’s Academy jiujitsutampa.com or Association robsonmoura.com website. RMNU! Osss…

Another short documentary on Robson Moura produced by http://www.stuartcooperfilms.com

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