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Xande Ribeiro – Rolling Reflections – BJJ Weekly Issue #110

Pete fought Xande Ribeiro at this years World Pro in the quarter finals of the open division. Pete was ahead on advantages but Xande kept cool and caught Pete with 45 seconds left on the clock. Pete talks about his strategy during the fight and it’s very insightful to see what’s going through his head during the match. This is a Rolling Reflections you won’t want to miss!


Rolling Reflections – Pete vs “Rafael “Formiga” – BJJ Weekly Issue #091

The dynamic Rafael Formiga Barbosa rolls with Pete in this Rolling Reflections. This video was shot in late 2010 and the voice over was cut over a year later. Pete reflects back on the roll with Formiga and it’s a roll filled with some great technique and a good pace. You don’t want to miss it!

Rolling Reflections – Robson Moura – BJJ Weekly #045

In this episode of Rolling Reflections we get an amazing chance to listen in as Robson Moura shares his thoughts on a recent flow roll we captured with one of his black belts while visiting RMNU in Tampa Florida. Robson talks about some details such as upside down guard, managing hooks, the importance of flowing and chaining submissions, and more.

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Marcelo Garcia – Rolling Reflections

Marcelo Garcia is the most exciting grappler on the planet. His Jiu-Jitsu game is dynamic, fluid, and at a level most of us will never be able to fully understand. In this episode of Rolling Reflections we did something a little different, Marcelo wanted to roll at 100% and so Pete gave him everything he had. Pete outweighs Marcelo by at least 60lbs, but as you can see that wasn’t a problem for Marcelo.

Not only is Marcelo an amazing grappler, he is an extremely kind and humble person. We had a great time visiting his studio in NYC and if you ever have the chance you should definitely stop in and train.