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Rolled Up Episode 29: Training the Gray Areas with Braulio Estima

In this episode, Budo Jake travels to Birmingham, England to visit ADCC champ & 3 time BJJ World champ – Braulio Estima. Topics include:

-Braulio’s beginnings in BJJ
-The character of Ze Radiola
-Gracie Barra in the UK
-Facing a potentially career ending injury
-Superfight with Andre Galvao in 2013
-Changing your stratagy
-Learn from the best competitors in the world

Rolled Up Episode 31: Guam Special Edition

Fringed by majestic rock cliffs and nested with mangrove swamps, Guam is the tiny island filled with big jiu-jitsu; the choice vacation destination for some of the best grapplers and MMA fighters in the world. Come share the sights as I tour-guide you through the territory, pit-stopping along the way to discover jiu-jitsu’s local origin, and reveal the brilliance of its future.

Rolled Up Episode 26 – Jiu-jitsu Missionary: Andre Galvao

7 Time World Champion Andre Galvao is the subject of this episode of Rolled Up. Includes:
-Key details of Andre’s cross collar choke
-Sweeps & submissions from the closed guard
-The importance of drilling
-Role of Christianity in Andre’s life
-The significance of the Atos sword cut
-What Andre has learned from MMA
-And much more!

Rolled Up Episode 10 – Getting comfortable with the 50/50 – Tony Pacenski

In this episode of Rolled Up, “Little” Tony Pacenski gives a crash course on the 50/50 guard position.

Tony shows how to protect your own feet, how to grip, how to pass and how to sweep.

The show finishes with some sparring.

Rolled Up Episode 6 – Open guard action with Romulo – Romulo Barral

Romulo Barral – one of the top BJJ guys in the world – stops in to show Budo Jake a few details about the open guard against a standing opponent. Romulo goes into detail with a few sweeps using the de la riva hook with variations depending on the grip. Afterwards Jake and his co-host for the episode get a short roll in.