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Increasing Flexibility & Mobility w/ Soft Tissue Release

One of the things we are asked about most frequently is how to improve flexibility and mobility. One of the cheapest and biggest bang-for-your-buck tips we have is to use a lacrosse ball or something similar to do some soft tissue release in some of the commonly tight areas around your big joints. These areas include your hips and your shoulders, particularly the psoas (hip flexors), the pectorals (especially the pec minor), and the latissimus dorsi (lats). These areas are typically very tight from sitting and from favoring particular movements like the bench press, so releasing the tight fascia in these parts can help to improve your flexibility, range-of-motion, and joint mobility.


Vitor Belfort Part 1: Dynamic Warmup, Core Strength & Explosiveness, Isometric Strength

Vitor Belfort Part 1: Dynamic Warmup

A Bobby Razak Film. Trainer Jake Bonacci puts Vitor through a dynamic warm-up while focusing on lower body movement, range of motion, balance, and stability!

Core Strength & Explosiveness

A Bobby Razak Film. Vitor attacks some awesome core strength training with Bonacci to activate an explosive, fast-twitch muscle response!

Vitor Belfort Part 3: Isometric Strength