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CrossFit – Back Tuck Progressions

Gymnast and CrossFit coach Laurie Galassi of CrossFit Santa Cruz breaks down a movement that causes a lot of jitters and requires a safety-first approach: the back tuck.

Muscle Up Progressions with Carl Paoli, Chris Spealler, and Jason Khalipa: False Grip, No-False Grip and Strict progressions.

Playlist of Muscle Up Progressions with Carl Paoli, Chris Spealler, and Jason Khalipa.

False Grip, No-False Grip and Strict progressions.

False Grip Progressions

Building up a strong false grip is important for all kinds of work on the rings. In this video, Carl will explain how you can build up stronger wrists and forearms even before you get on to the rings to practice your false grip, just with a couple of simple drills on the bar.

In this segment, Carl explains how you then take the same drills you did on the bar in Part 1 of the progression and repeat on the rings. We also go over proper false grip hand placement and positions so that you can get the most out of the transition in your Muscle Ups and other movements.

In this segment, Carl discusses the false grip and demonstrates how you can practice the false grip with other movements such as the V Out.