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Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Olympian and Master Coach Brian Derwin

Muscle Snatch

Muscle Snatch from the Ground

Snatch Issues at Bottom Position

Muscle Clean

Different Body Types

CrossFit MSP – Olympic Weightlifting Lifting Clinic with Olympian and Master Coach Brian Derwin

The Purpose:
With proper technique Olympic lifting helps build explosive power and teaches athletes how to accelerate or receive a load (be it an object or another person). The movements of Olympic lifts are common to many sports. Performing these movements efficiently through proper technique increases an athletes ability to improve both performance and avoid injury. The Clinic will cover demos, teaching progressions, and fault correction for the snatch, the clean, and the jerk. There will be plenty of hands on time, as well as, Q &A. The class size will be kept small to allow for plenty of personal attention. All instruction will be provided by Coach Brian Derwin, and Michael Pilhofer.

The Coaching Staff:

Brian Derwin – Head Coach

A member of the 1980 Olympic Weight Lifting team, National Champion, and USA Weightlifting President (1996-2000), has been lifting and coaching champions for over 35 years. He was a 100kg athlete, Snatching 155kg and Clean/Jerk 207.5kg. He tied the National Record and won the National Title in 1980. He started lifting in 1972, and finished competing in 1981. He lifted overseas for two years in countries such as East Germany, Soviet Union, New Zealand, Australia, and China. He has been coaching since 1984 and has coached several National, National Junior Champions, and other athletes to the World, and Jr. World level. Under Brian’s leadership as USAW President, the US had its first-ever junior world champion as well as bringing home the gold, and bronze medals in the Sydney Olympic games.

Michael Pilhofer – Assistant Coach / Program Director

Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit MSP, a premier Strength and Conditioning facility in the Twin Cities. Michael initially obtained his Olympic Weight Lifting training with Coach Mike Burgener and received his CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification in 2008. He since has been training with Coach Brian Derwin, and is a USAW Sports and Performance Coach. Overall, he has over 20+ year of teaching/coaching experience and has an amazing ability to break the most complex movements down to its simplest form to help any athletes improve on his/her lifts.


CrossFit – Burgener – Olympic Lifts – Warm up – Cleans – Snatch Instruction

Clean Faults

Burgener Warm up

Role of the Burgener Warm up

Clean Catch Heights Tri-Panel

Clean Instruction Part I

Cleaning from the Ground

Second Pull Power

Clean: The 3rd Pull, Coach Burgener

Receiving the Bar

Skill Transfer Exercises for the Jerk

Snatch Drills with Coach Burgener

Olympic Lifting Coaching Points

Khalipa gets coached through the snatch

Olympic Lifts: Scoop Training

Snatch Foot Position

Snatch: Arms

Snatch Balance: Finding Max Analysis

Snatch Instruction

Snatch: Jump and Land

CrossFit – Coach Mike Burgener on the rack position by Again Faster Equipment

Coach Mike Burgener is an expert in Olympic Lifting technique. In this video, he coaches the proper rack position.