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Glide Kip Progression – Carl Paoli

Pt. 1

In this series, Carl will break down the progression for the Glide Kip with our special guest James. In this first video, James demonstrates the movement while Carl breaks down the individual components, starting with the initial swing.

Pt. 2

In this video, Carl and James move on to the next part of the Glide Kip – transitioning from a hip extension in the glide swing to a Toes to Bar with short swings under the bar.

Pt. 3

In this video, Carl and James continues with the next transition of the Glide Kip, bringing the body back into full hip extension from the toes to bar, by hanging while pulling the bar up back the legs to the hips.

Pt. 4

In this video, Carl and James demonstrates the last component and drills the positions and movements to help you get over the bar into support.

Pt. 5

In this video, Carl and James practice some drill to improve your technique for the Glide Kip with no load. This will help you practice your positions, coordination, and exaggerated movements so you’ll be ready for the real thing.

Fueled by Carl Paoli/GWOD/Naka Athletics @ GymnasticsWOD.com


Pull and Grip Strength Progression – Carl Paoli


2012 CrossFit Games – Mastering the Bar Muscle-Up

Dusty Hyland of CrossFit Gymnastics gives instruction on how to master the bar muscle-up.

CrossFit – Muscle-Up Virtuosity


Laurie Galassi is a gymnast and CrossFit coach. In this instructional video, she breaks down that most challenging CrossFit movement: the muscle-up.

Focusing first on body shapes and hand position, Galassi explains how very small adjustments can make a big difference on the rings.

Of course, the false grip is critical to success, and no, it isn’t very comfortable. For those who tend to get red and raw wrists, Galassi has a quick-and-easy taping technique that will help you avoid leaving blood on the rings.

Laurie Galassi is a gymnast and CrossFit coach. In this instructional video, she breaks down that most challenging CrossFit movement: the muscle-up.

After dealing with body shaping and grip in Part 1, Galassi addresses the place where everything usually goes awry: the transition.

Working from a position lying under the rings, Galassi demonstrates the transition by pulling while keeping her legs out front as she pushes the chest through and keeps the rings close to her body. Also important is a grip that allows the rings to move a little bit as you transition from a position below the rings to the bottom of a dip on top of the rings.

To help athletes feel the positions, Galassi introduces the “dream machine”—a harness that reduces the load and allows the athlete to move more easily.

Ultimately, there is a strength requirement for a muscle-up, and you have to drill the positions over and over again.

“Do a whole bunch. Then do a whole bunch more,” Galassi says.

CrossFit – Coaching the Muscle-up with Jeff Tucker

CrossFit Journal Preview: Coaching the Muscle-up