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Lakai in Mallorca

A filming mission for Fully Flared in 2004. Featuring Scott Johnston, Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel, Cairo Foster, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Jeff Lenoce, and Kelly Bird.

Crailtap’s Clip of the Day: Ishod in the bowl

Clip of the Day. Towards the end of Fourstar’s 4 Live Crew Tour, and after a full day of skating in and around the Miami area we ended up a this indoor bowl. Most were too beat but Ishod ratted it out, per usual. Full 4 Live Crew video coming soon.

Also featuring Mike Carroll & Shane O’Neill


Classics: Carroll and Howard “Penal Code 100a”

This 1996 FTC vid had its own unique vibe: Hammers for sure, but also an emphasis on every-day spots and smooth lines. And, the skating of Mike and Rick has always complemented each other.

Girl and Chocolate Demo – North Hollywood Skatepark


Crailtap’s Mini DV Drawer, Yeah Right! years

We dug a little deeper (as in the drawer below the Mini DV Drawer). We found two Yeah Right! tapes. One filmed by Tim Dowling. And that’s how these things are going to go, if they’re going to go at all. Short and weird. Featuring Mike Carroll, Scott Johnston, Tony Ferguson, Robbie McKinely, Stevie William and Richard Mulder.