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Lucas Lepri: X-Guard Sweep, sweep from half-guard, Single leg X-Guard,

Lucas Lepri (Alliance BJJ) v.s. Augusto Mendes (Soul Fighters) Here Lucas Lepri displays a great X-Guard Control (as seen in MGinAction) to set up a 2 point takedown/sweep

Alliance BJJ Black Belt World Champion Lucas Lepri sweeps his opponent from a knee in half guard position (quarter guard type)

Alliance BJJ New York All-Star Black Belt Lucas Lepri doing a Single leg X-Guard sweep at the IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2011

Marcelo Garcia – Rolling Reflections

Marcelo Garcia is the most exciting grappler on the planet. His Jiu-Jitsu game is dynamic, fluid, and at a level most of us will never be able to fully understand. In this episode of Rolling Reflections we did something a little different, Marcelo wanted to roll at 100% and so Pete gave him everything he had. Pete outweighs Marcelo by at least 60lbs, but as you can see that wasn’t a problem for Marcelo.

Not only is Marcelo an amazing grappler, he is an extremely kind and humble person. We had a great time visiting his studio in NYC and if you ever have the chance you should definitely stop in and train.