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Marcelino Freitas Jiu Jitsu Highlight

Marcelino Freitas Jiu Jitsu Highlight

Marlon Sandro and Marcelino Freitas roll at Nova União

Nova Uniao

Marlon Sandro and Marcelino Freitas roll at Nova União

Nova Uniao

Marcelino Freitas jiu jitsu HL

Three times world champion, six times Brazilian champion from Nova Uniao

Top Attacks – Marcelino Freitas – Jits Magazine

Part 1 of 2

Multiple Brazilian national champion and known for his tricky techniques, Marcelino Freitas demonstrates some attacks when inside an opponents half-guard, including variations of a brabo choke and a guillotine with the gi.

Part 2 of 2

Marcelino Freitas: Standing rolling loop choke