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Leo Vieira – Extreme Jiu Jitsu

Leo Vieira – Extreme Jiu Jitsu

Leo Vieira in 1999 @ Alliance ATL

Leo came up from Brasil and trained with us for a few weeks at the Alliance camp in Atlanta GA.. Alot of old guys in this video representing the first American generation of Alliance jiu jitsu guys…

Rickson Gracie’s Budo Challenge Highlight

Leo Vieira, Shinya Aoki, Xande Ribeiro, Bibiano Hernandez., Ronaldo Jacare…

Leo Vieira Vs. Rico Vieira

Leo Vieira Vs. Rico Vieira


ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes

Semi Final Match of -66 kg Division

ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes SEMI FINAL

Leonardo Vieira ( Leozinho ) was a former teacher of Rafael Mendes and in this ADCC 2009 they met in this Semi Final and Rafael won.