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SUPERFIGHT: Caol Uno vs Fredson Paixao at Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 2010

Caol Uno vs Fredson Paixao (Gracie Barra) at Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 2010.

UFC 132 Weigh In Highlight: Ortiz vs Bader, Cruz vs Faber, Silva vs Leben

Tito Ortiz returns to the Octagon tomorrow night in what may be his final stand. Watch Ortiz take on Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

Tomorrow night, for the first time ever, the UFC Bantamweight championship will be at stake as Urijah Faber takes on Dominick Cruz.

Tomorrow night these two will square off in a bout that could potentially be fight of the year.


ADV ABSO Bruno Tostes VS Oliver Mercier in Toronto at Grapplers Quest

2011 Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo Advanced Absolute battle between Oliver Mercier (H20) and Bruno Tostes (Renzo Gracie) on April 29th, 2011. GRAPPLERS QUEST, The World’s Largest and Most Prestigious Submission Grappling Tournament hosts Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo in Toronto Canada on Friday & Saturday, April 29th & 30th, 2011. Grapplers Quest wants the sport of Submission Grappling to grow worldwide and with sharing this footage for free, we hope it will bring more people into the sport for many years to come.

UFC 130: Edgar vs Maynard III Preview

Get ready for an amazing night of fights Memorial Day weekend. Watch UFC 130: Edgar vs Maynard Live on Pay-Per-View or http://www.UFC.tv at 6/9PM PT/ET on Saturday, May 28th.

Jiu Jitsu – De La Riva Guard Sweep

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows one drill and a sweep from De La Riva guard. For more visit rcjiujitsu.com