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Pause Snatches and Pause Clean and Jerk

On Monday the California Strength Olympic weightlifting team practiced their technique with pause snatches and pause clean & jerks. Kevin Cornell hit 180kg and Jon North made 181kg. New guy Peter Anderson also had a solid day of practice.

Olympic Weightlifting Snatch Highlights from California Strength

Today’s video is a collection of lifts from the past month or so at California Strength in San Ramon. Tom Srokus puts up a PR snatch of 142 kilograms. Jon North lifts 156 kilograms off the low blocks. Also, don’t miss Kevin Cornell, Spencer Moorman, Rob Blackwell, Lindsay Taylor, and Donny Shankle.

Rotator Cuff Exercises for Weightlifters

Kevin Cornell, an Olympic Weightlifter and trainer at California Strength, shows us how to do some rotator cuff stretching, strength, and stability exercises.

How to: Snatch Grip Military Press – California Strength

Kevin Cornell shows us how to do a snatch grip military press. This exercise is meant to strengthen the deltoids as well as strengthen the lock-out position in the snatch. Kevin usually does this exercise on lighter days.