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Jimmy Pedro – Trips for Tight Players – BJJ Weekly #064

Sometimes when working takedowns with a very defensive opponent, it can be difficult to execute a throw succesfully. Jimmy Pedro shows us some great simple trips that will work well against a tight stand up player.


Judo for Jiu Jitsu – Jimmy Pedro – Osoto-Gari – BJJ Weekly #047

All Jiu-Jitsu matches start from standing, but at a lot of schools rolling starts from the knees. Some traditional Judo throws and take downs can be extremely effective and put you in a better position than pulling guard if completed successfully. In this episode of Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Jimmy Pedro, 4x Olympian and coach of the US Olympic Judo team shares a really nice technique that you can put to work in your game.

Jimmy Pedro – Judo for Jiu-Jitsu – Grip Strategy – BJJ Weekly #053

Jimmy Pedro, 4x Olympian and US Olympic Judo coach shares some of the key grip fighting strategies used by top Judo players. Pedro says grips are one of the most important aspects of Judo because even a less skilled player can win a match by achieving superior grips.