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Linear Speed Training Drills – IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program

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Five linear speed training exercises that professional athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Joey Votto, and many more have done and that you can do at home! Presented by the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program.

Dynamic Warmup – Footwork, Agility, and Acceleration Series – IMG Performance Institute

Performance Tips and Performance Drills – Footwork Drills, Agility Drills and Acceleration Drills by the IMG Performance Institute

Learn from IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development Coach, Trevor Anderson, how to increase your footwork, agility and acceleration on the playing field. This is a series of six videos of performance drills and performance tips designed to help you have better footwork, agility and acceleration.

Jumping & Bounding-Footwork

Line Drills

Linear Acceleration

Lateral Direction Change

Cone Drills

IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida is the premier performance training facility in the world with performance camps and a full-time residency program, the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE!