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Marcelo Garcia – Butterfly Guard Modifications BJJ Weekly #072


In his final week, Marcelo Garcia shares some modifications that you can make to your butterfly guard if you find yourself getting beaten by stronger or more aggresive players. Sometimes setting your feet on the mat can create problems when your opponent charges in with a lot of speed and power and you can’t react fast enough.

In this series, Marcel shows how he adapts to this situation by putting his feet up to the hips to control space, and then forcing his opponent to post his arm. Depending on what happens next, you can move to Oma Plata or a hook sweep to the other side.


Marcelo Garcia – Butterfly Sweep from Open Guard – BJJ Weekly #069

Marcelo discusses the grips and controls he looks for in his basic butterfly sweep from the open guard.

Rafael ‘Formiga’ Barbosa: De La Riva Guard Pass

This week Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa shows us how he likes to deal with an opponent who sets in the De La Riva hook. DLR hooks are the foundation for a very dynamic guard game, the De La Riva guard. To keep from being swept it’s very important to learn how to neutralize this hook.

Make sure to look at last week’s guard pass for the De La Riva Guard, when Formiga goes to his left side. Sometimes though, your opponent will be able to block that variation and you need to be able to come around to the right side.

Formiga controls the lapel, extends his leg to clear the hook, and then drives his knee over the extended shin of his opponent. It’s important when you land to keep your opponents shoulder pinned to the mat with your own, and then switch hips to come to side control.

Formiga shows us another variation of passing the De La Riva guard. Make sure to check out week one and week two as these techniques all tie together. At :25 Formiga uses a technique to get an inside grip on his opponents knee. The sleeve grips are required for most DLR sweeps, so learning how to win the grip fight before starting the pass is critical.

In this technique Formiga is actually looking for the first guard pass of the series, but his opponent streches the leg to prevent clearing the hook. Instead of bailing out of the pass, he switches strategies and comes around to the same side, pinning the stretched leg and same side arm before clearing the hook and finishing in mount.

Formiga shows us how he deals with an opponent who has established a De La Riva guard position and then achieves a superior grip on your lapel. It can be very difficult to break this grip and your knee is trapped from going to the mat like in the previous passes.

Formiga gives a little pressure like he is pushing his opponenet back down to the mat and then quickly steps out of the hook and over the back at the same time as he reverses the pressure on the neck of his opponent and shoves him forward.

The pass finishes with a back take.




Rolling Reflections – Robson Moura – BJJ Weekly #045

In this episode of Rolling Reflections we get an amazing chance to listen in as Robson Moura shares his thoughts on a recent flow roll we captured with one of his black belts while visiting RMNU in Tampa Florida. Robson talks about some details such as upside down guard, managing hooks, the importance of flowing and chaining submissions, and more.

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