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Takedown Tuesdays: 101 Judo Ippons Nage-waza 2009-2010 Full HD

101 Judo Ippons Nage-waza 2009-2010 Full HD


Metamoris: Jeff Glover vs Caio Terra HD

Jeff Glover vs Caio Terra bring a very entertaining and fast paced match to Metamoris 1.


Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado: Peter Quillin heavy bag workout (HD)

Highlights of Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin hitting the heavy bag, speed bag and double end bag in preparation for his bout with Gabriel Rosado on October 26th.

Nick Diaz VS Marius Zaromskis

Nick Diaz VS Marius Zaromskis

Sugar Ray Robinson: The Greatest P4P HD

Five time Middleweight champion
Held the welterweight title for 5 consecutive years from 1946 and 1951
The Ring Fighter of the Year 1942 & 1951
The Ring Fighter of the Decade 1940’s & 1950’s
Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990
Named “Fighter of the Century” as well as “Best Middleweight & Best Welterweight of the Century” by The Associated Press in 1999
Named the 11th greatest puncher of all-time by The Ring in 2003

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Song is: ‘Right Off’ by Miles Davis
Miles and Sugar Ray shared a close friendship and drew inspiration from each other to remain at the peak of their chosen professions for many years. Right Off is from the 1970 album, A Tribute to Jack Johnson which was the soundtrack for a documentary. Miles, who regularly worked out at Gleason’s Boxing Gym, wanted the music to capture the shuffling movement that boxers made in the ring with a hypnotic train like rhythm. Upon its release it was heralded as well ahead of its time, with Teo Macero, the musical director, reportedly calling the results “dynamite”. In 2003 the Complete Jack Johnson sessions were released with over 5 hours of music. One of the tracks was titled ‘Sugar Ray’, in recognition of the Pound for Pound champion.