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Cobrinha teaches triangle and crucifix variations

www.rubenscharles.com presents Cobrinha demonstrating a series of variations on the triangle when the opponent hides his arm.

Cobrinha demonstrating a series of attacks from the sidemount transitioning to the crucifix position.

IBJJF Leg reap rules for Gi and NoGi grappling


Leo Viera vs. Baret Yoshida

Leo Viera vs. Baret Yoshida in a gi match


Ricardo Almeida Kouchi Gari

Ricardo Almeida demonstrating Kouchi Gari takedown with cross collar grip.
This was the only takedown scored in the finals of Black Belts at 2011 Jiu Jitsu World Championships. Flawlessly executed by heavy Weight and Open Weight Rodolfo Vieira.

Knee on belly to arm lock

Robson Moura demonstrates a great jiu jitsu technique, moving from knee on belly from side control, with belt control to a far side armlock or joint lock. If this doesn’t work, transition to an omoplata for the next submission. Don’t forget to subscribe – share your comments – and like if you do!